What Are the Emerging Industries to Look Out for in 2022?

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What Are the Emerging Industries to Look Out for in 2022?

We’ve gathered the opinions of business experts to share the top emerging industries in the upcoming year. Click here to take a look at our findings.

The current labor market is going through a massive shift. Workers are focusing their attention on emerging industries that are in demand. And we see this happening in the manufacturing industry.

Here are the latest emerging industry trends that are attracting skilled workers and more profits.

Electric Car Manufacturing

The biggest auto manufacturers are transforming their current fleet of vehicles to electric. So much so to where there will be 100 pure battery electric vehicles (BEVs) by 2024.

And there’s a good reason why. Electric cars have equally good performance as their non-electric counterparts. They’re also more efficient and owners can save a significant amount of money.

Speaking of saving money, since more auto companies are switching to electric, electric car purchasing prices are expected to drop.

With this demand, it only makes sense that electric car manufacturing is the first industry on our list. Both the production of vehicles as well as individual parts will create jobs for many skilled auto technicians.

Tool Manufacturing

One of the many reasons why manufacturing companies are hiring more skilled workers is they’re expanding production within the US.

This will not only create more jobs but we will become less reliant on international markets.

We can see this with the tool manufacturing industry. The U.S. Bureau of Labor predicts that the tool and machinists industry will increase by 7% by the year 2030.

Fuel-Efficient Aircraft

Out of all of the industries that suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw the most damage in the aerospace, airline, and travel industries.

Now that more people are traveling again, aerospace manufacturing is looking for more skilled workers.

However, this demand is more different compared to previous years. For example, the eco-friendly demand is extending to the travel industry, and more aerospace manufacturers are creating fuel-efficient aircraft.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t take away from the losses that aviation companies faced this past year and a half. What are aviation companies doing to combat this?

More aviation manufacturing companies are receiving funding that will go toward creating jobs in emerging industries such as the aerospace and aviation sectors.

3D Printing

3D printing is a service used by many businesses in various sectors, specifically the aerospace and automotive industries.

This printing service supports prototyping to test and troubleshoot new products while saving costs.

While 3D printing is nothing new, it used to take months for manufacturers to make necessary jigs, molds, and fixtures for heavy equipment production.

Now, manufacturers can test and troubleshoot equipment and parts in only a matter of days. This is why 3D printing is one of the most promising new emerging industries.

Because of this demand for 3D printing, more companies in the aerospace and automotive industries are expanding their use of 3D printing and are looking for skilled individuals.

If you’re looking for a career in emerging industries, 3D printing is a good place to start. However, we have yet to see the long-term results.

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