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Manufacturing Jobs in Hammond, Indiana

Manufacturing careers in Hammond place employees at the cutting edge of production technology. Candidates like you can become leaders in manufacturing, producing products like machinery, foods, packaging, chemicals, consumer products plastics, and much more. The manufacturing industry is expansive, with many jobs opening daily, and JSK Recruiting is here to successfully connect you to these opportunities. Prospective employees who have experience in manufacturing are ideal candidates for roles like the following: 

  • Director of Operations, General Managers, Vice Presidents
  • Plant Managers, Production Managers, Production Supervisors
  • Quality Managers, Sanitation Managers, Director of Quality 
  • Maintenance Technicians, Maintenance Supervisors, Asset Care Managers
  • Purchasing Managers, Buyers, Sourcing Managers
  • Supply Chain Planners, Supply Chain Analysts, Supply Chain Managers
  • Plant Controllers, Cost Accountants, Staff Accountants
  • Engineering Managers, Mfg Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Design Engineers
  • And more.

We find the right prospective employee for each company, every time. Our clients trust our ability to identify and recommend talented and qualified individuals who can exceed expectations. At JSK, we monitor market trends and manufacturing demands to match the right candidate for a position. We want our candidates to find their new long-term careers!

Hammond, IN Careers

Great Manufacturing Companies Are Looking For You

Job Seekers

JSK Recruiting is committed to finding the right candidates for great jobs. Finding careers in Hammond, Indiana has never been simpler, especially if you’re looking to be near Chicago or Northwest Indiana. We work with a range of companies - and our team follows candidates from the beginning to the end of the hiring process to ensure a high retention rate. Manufacturing and supply chain jobs open every day, and JSK Recruiting is at the forefront to pair qualified, dedicated manufacturing professionals with fulfilling Hammond careers. We’re looking for candidates with different levels of experience to serve Hammond, Indiana. Manufacturing is a critical industry, and you can become part of the workforce with the help of JSK Recruiting. Our hiring process works because we look closely at both the candidate and the hiring company to ensure a good match.

The Origins of JSK Recruiting

JSK Recruiting was founded by Jeff Katz on the premise that most recruiting companies hold the wrong priorities in order to truly help the job candidates that come to them. He decided to improve the experience of hiring for both job seekers and client companies by focusing on knowledge and mutual satisfaction. JSK Recruiting thoroughly screens all parties involved before making a placement. Understanding our partners as best as we can allows us to ensure that each placement is the right fit, every time! Thanks to his experience in the fields of manufacturing and supply chain management, Jeff was able to form JSK Recruiting to provide industry-specific services. Several of his original placements still work with the companies they joined. From the very beginning, JSK syncretized around several core values that guided our success through the current day.

Applying for Hammond, Indiana Jobs

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Job hunting is difficult, that’s why JSK Recruiting is here to help. When you work with us, we’ll evaluate your strengths and point out areas for enhancement. Here’s how you can be a promising candidate for careers in Hammond and the surrounding NW Indiana and Chicaoland area. 

Demonstrate Your Experience

In the manufacturing industry, there are two groups of employees. The first group consists of candidates with no degree who specialize in demanding hands-on roles and highly valuable trade abilities. The second group of candidates includes those with a college education and/or a graduate degree, who focus more on the business, analytics, and management side of the manufacturing industry. Both of these groups are vital parts of the industry and can find jobs in Hammond. By working with each individual candidate, we’re able to assess how a candidate best fits a role, so we find the right fit. Every time.

Spruce Up Your Skills

In addition to showcasing your unique experience, it’s just as important to gain and improve the necessary skills that the manufacturing industry is looking for. As you work with JSK recruiters, we’ll suggest ways to hone these skills so that you’re confident as you apply and interview with prospective employers. 

Envision Your Future

Beyond your degree and skills, it’s important to also envision your future, especially in preparation for interviews. Knowing about the skills you’ll learn on the job you’re applying for can demonstrate forethought and dedication to your interviewers. Being familiar with career development opportunities helps you shine in interviews. We’re looking for candidates who possess this knowledge and proactiveness to excel in our Hammond jobs. 

Get Hired with JSK Recruiting

Here at JSK Recruiting, we see candidates from the beginning to the end of the hiring process. Our thorough screening process also makes the hiring journey easier for companies to find their ideal candidates. JSK Recruiting is proud to boast high retention rates because we find the right match. Every time.

Manufacturing Jobs in Hammond

Hammond Recruiters that Work for You

Our promise to clients is to connect them with qualified and enthusiastic professionals to fill their manufacturing, maintenance and supply chain jobs. Our promise to candidates is to find job openings that align with their career goals and aspirations.  Our dedication to the candidate and client results in high retention rates. We thoroughly screen candidates and regularly conduct in-person visits to the hiring companies. The quality of employee credentials and the quality of company culture are vital aspects of the hiring process that rely on each other to result in the right fit. Manufacturing jobs depend on so much more than experience – such as personality, values, and outlook. Different candidates also have different working styles and company culture preferences. That’s why at JSK Recruiting, we’re committed to finding the right candidate for the job and the right job for the candidate. 


Navigating the hiring process for manufacturing jobs in Hammond, IN doesn’t have to be challenging, nor do you have to navigate it alone. Our recruiters at JSK know what manufacturing companies are looking for in candidates. By staying current with the industry, JSK can help you prepare for interviews with the best manufacturing companies. To find your new career, contact us today. Our recruiters are accessible through our website or by phone. Regardless of your experience level, we look forward to getting to know you and helping you find your next role. The success rate at JSK Recruiting is 97% because of our attention to detail. Let our recruiters simplify the process and help you begin your new manufacturing career in Hammond as soon as possible. JSK Recruiting is ready to help you start your future. 


To learn more about how we can help you, reach out to us today. You can expect a fast response from a knowledgeable recruiting specialist.


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