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JSK Recruiting is proud to serve the greater Chicago area, including Frankfort. There are jobs in Frankfort in manufacturing if you know where to look, however, the best Frankfort jobs may be inaccessible to workers who do not have access to specialized job listings. That's why the assistance of a Frankfort job finder like JSK Recruiting can be a game changer in getting hired and staying hired. We see all of our candidates through placements from beginning to end, whether it's an electrical maintenance mechanic or a supply chain director-level role. Let's discuss what it takes to coordinate manufacturing work in Frankfort, Illinois, and how we can make it happen for you.

The Origins of JSK Recruiting

JSK Recruiting was founded by Jeff Katz on the premise that most recruiting companies hold the wrong priorities in order to truly help the job candidates that come to them. He decided to improve the experience of hiring for both job seekers and client companies by focusing on knowledge and mutual satisfaction. JSK Recruiting thoroughly screens all parties involved before making a placement. Understanding our partners as best as we can allows us to ensure that each placement is the right fit, every time! Thanks to his experience in the fields of manufacturing and supply chain management, Jeff was able to form JSK Recruiting to provide industry-specific services. Several of his original placements still work with the companies they joined. From the very beginning, JSK syncretized around several core values that guided our success through the current day.

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The Best Frankfort Manufacturing Jobs

Illinois is home to several notable large-scale advanced manufacturing businesses. In 2022, the state was home to roughly 265,000 jobs in this industry, with a much higher than average job concentration compared to other US states. While Frankfort may not be a massive metropolitan region, it is still a concentrated hub for manufacturing. Frankfort careers range from metal work, to machining, to food processing, equipment building and packaging. Manufacturing jobs are notable for their high wage ceiling. That’s why a Frankfort job finder like JSK is instrumental to the local economy. We can help you take your work experience and resume into the most applicable position available to you. If you are a company seeking job candidates, our pool of thoroughly screened and verified workers almost certainly includes an ideal fit for your opening. Wherever there are jobs in Frankfort, JSK Recruiting can help hire into them.

JSK Recruiting’s Core Values

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Frankfort careers, like careers throughout Chicago, require certain values in order to be successful. We aspire to uphold these values so our job candidates enter the best Frankfort jobs with a proper example of conduct that will take them far. However, none of our other values would be apparent to our partners without accessibility. Candidates can always talk to their recruiters with questions and concerns they have about the job search process. We don’t relegate anyone to phone tag or continual back-and-forth emails with no resolution. A lack of accessibility erodes trust and slows the process of finding a job.

JSK Recruiting is successful in coordinating Frankfort, IL careers in part because of our high level of industry knowledge. Our team has expertise in supply chain management, manufacturing, and business strategy. This allows us to meet our client companies on their own level to discuss their needs and wants in the hiring process. Small nuances can make a big difference. Our ability to understand these nuances is part of our formula for long-lasting placements with a 97% offer acceptance rate. It also allows us to see eye-to-eye with our job candidates and placements so we can thoroughly understand any potential issues or conflicts they bring to the table.

Lastly, it may be clear through the rest of our discussion of our values, but we hold our commitments to the highest standard. Integrity and dedication are critical to us coordinating Frankfort careers. Finding placements is not just a matter of making money. Ensuring employment for skilled workers means they can sustain their families, and in as irreplaceable an industry as manufacturing, this has far-reaching effects for the American people. Treating our work with respect and reverence helps put food on people’s plates. The better we do our job, the stronger our services. The stronger our services, the more we make a meaningful difference. This is not an impact we take lightly.

Our Specialties as a Frankfort Job Finder

JSK Recruiting serves a range of niche specialties within the supply chain and manufacturing industries. Our expertise covers jobs in Frankfort, IL, Chicago, IL, and all the surrounding suburbs of Chicago. We will also follow our clients nationwide and recruit from California to Connecticut and everywhere in between. We have already covered manufacturing professionals above. However, did you know that some of the Frankfort careers we work to fill include purchasing professionals, distribution / warehousing professionals, logistics analysts, and supply chain planners / managers? The supply chain cannot function if it does not have access to specialized and intelligent labor to schedule shipments, purchase inventory, and forecast demand. There has never been a better time to enter a supply chain or manufacturing niche. If you have experience in either of these industries, JSK Recruiting has the resources to help you move into your next big step. Let’s take a look at some of the Frankfort job finder resources available through JSK.

Frankfort Careers are Waiting For You with JSK

If you have never worked with a recruiting company in the past, you may assume that the experience is impersonal, where you don’t hear back potentially for months between job offers. With JSK, this could not be further from the truth. Our emphasis is on people first for the right fit every time. We take extra care to understand your needs so the next job you accept will be a job that lasts. The only thing worse than looking for work for an extended period of time is having to do so twice. Contact us for more information on jobs in Frankfort, and we will get you in touch with one of our recruiting specialists as soon as we can. Your manufacturing career begins today. The first step toward the best Frankfort, IL jobs are taken side-by-side with JSK Recruiting.


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