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JSK Recruiting works with you to find supply chain and manufacturing jobs in the Chicago area. We are proud to work with our partners to find the right fit, every time. The manufacturing industry employs almost ten percent of the workforce in the state of Illinois. It is therefore no surprise that the Chicago area is home to plenty of businesses that are looking for skilled manufacturing and supply chain professionals from a trusted source. JSK Recruiting's job candidates average five to seven years in their placements thanks to our main mission: to take the deep dive in understanding each company and candidate, finding the best fit for both. Our founder, Jeff Katz, understands that for the manufacturing industry the best Chicago jobs, and the best Aurora jobs, come from integrity and commitment to high standards. We emulate those values ourselves with every job placement we curate.

What Industries Have the Best Aurora, IL Jobs?

Aurora is a dense hub of manufacturing in the Chicago area. This stable job field is always looking for qualified and experienced hires. From management to maintenance, manufacturing requires every gear to click into place for the work to run properly. If you have experience working in manufacturing, you could be the ideal fit for the Aurora careers and jobs we coordinate. Thanks to JSK recruiting’s industry specialization, we understand the nuances that separate one job posting from another. One of our core values is knowledge. Our understanding of manufacturing terminology, market trends, and nuances helps us place the ideal candidate into each job position. We view our role in the hiring process as equal parts curators and connectors. We don’t just want to bring you to your next job, we want to bring you to your next big thing. We want to get to know you and find a long term fit for you and your family

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Looking for Jobs in Aurora, IL?

We understand that our placements have different educational backgrounds and different qualifications. There are generally two categories of workers in the manufacturing industry. The first is the college-educated professional. This encapsulates any worker with a higher educational degree, such as an MBA, or other qualifying certificates. These placements are generally best suited for managerial, analytical, and business-oriented positions. The second category is the non-degreed professional. This category includes anyone with feet-on-the-ground industry experience and hard-to-acquire trade skills. These placements can find opportunities anywhere from direct manufacturing work to maintenance and operations on the manufacturing site. As mentioned before, it is truly impossible for the industry to run without the collaborative efforts of both of these types of workers. That’s why we do our best to get to know each worker’s experience and preferences so we can locate the right Aurora career for each candidate and find the right fit.

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Aurora Careers

The Aurora Job Finders that Put You First

As much as we help the businesses we serve, we make sure to do right by the workers who come to us at every step of the way. At JSK Recruiting, we do in-person visits to workplaces to ensure they meet our standard of employee treatment. We also screen each candidate in a multi-step process to get a complete view of not only a candidate's work aptitude and experience but also their personality and preferences. Other recruiters do not go the extra mile to understand each candidate as deeply as this industry requires. In order to boost performance, you have to understand people. Jobs in Aurora, Illinois are no different in this regard. Aurora careers, like all careers, are worked by people. We understand everyone works best when they don't have to endure stress regarding their circumstances. That's why we go the extra mile to make sure we understand what you're looking for.

JSK Recruiting is the best Aurora job finder for anyone seeking work in the manufacturing, maintenance or supply chain industries because we prioritize being accessible to our candidates. You can always keep in touch with us via our website, by calling or texting our central office, or by reaching out to your recruiter for personalized help. Whether you are a college-educated or non-degreed professional, we put you first. We keep our candidate pool at a manageable size so our recruiters can get to know each and every candidate. This is a leading factor as to why our candidate placement acceptance rate is 97%. When a client comes to us with a position they need to get filled, they waste no time or money scrolling a database for candidates that only half fit what the client is looking for. When we place a candidate in a job, we know it will work out.

The Right Fit. Every Time. 

All of our years working with all of our partners in the manufacturing and supply chain industries have given us an understanding of what expectations are realistic when hiring. It is not just workers that need help finding work, nor is it solely employers asking for assistance finding employees. The equation needs both sides in order to work smoothly. That’s why we take the extra time to only send resumes from candidates who we feel are perfectly qualified for the Aurora careers we coordinate. The recruiting industry may have made it a common practice to bombard employers with possible placements, but this is doing both the job seekers and job providers a disservice. You can trust JSK Recruiting to offer a grounded perspective on which jobs are suitable for which potential employees.

To serve this purpose, it is also important to make information available to our placements.  Information is critical for any potential employee or Aurora job finder looking to make an impact.  That’s why we post advice and informational guides on our JSK blog. With featured articles on key aspects of the job search, such as interview strategies and tips on resume writing, any worker can find information to improve their search, from experienced mid-career professionals to fresh new hires. So, if you are looking for jobs in Aurora in the manufacturing, maintenance, distribution, logistics or supply chain industries, peruse our current job listings database. If you are an employer with available Aurora careers, get in touch with our professional team for more information on our services.


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