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Chicago Manufacturing Management Careers

Why Now is the Right Time for a Chicago Manufacturing Career

If you’re looking for a career with high earning potential and many opportunities for growth and advancement, a Chicago manufacturing management career could be right for you. Many professionals find it to be a rewarding career path, since it plays such an important role in the economy. Another benefit of manufacturing careers is high job security because these roles will always be in demand.

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Great Companies Are Searching For You

Job Seekers

There are hundreds of manufacturing companies in Chicago and they are often looking to fill open manager positions. If you’re looking to get into the manufacturing management career path, Chicago is a great place to do it! And it’s even easier when you get the help of a recruiter from JSK Recruiting. We take pride in connecting great companies with exceptional candidates who are searching for better management jobs in Chicago. We begin by listening to the wants and needs of both the company and individual. This allows us to find successful matches for those looking for a Chicago manufacturing leadership career. We are always searching for more great candidates for management jobs in Chicago. Allow us to help you discover your best opportunity.

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Job Descriptions for Management Jobs in Chicago

A Manufacturing Manager / Operations Manager / Plant Manager’s  main role is overseeing the everyday production process in a factory or plant. This often includes supervising employees, monitoring production schedules, streamlining processes using lean or six-sigma methodologies, and performing quality control measures. People in these positions must have knowledge of the production or packaging process in manufacturing and have leadership skills that allow them to manage workers.  

Qualifications for Manufacturing Leadership Jobs

A leadership position in Chicago often requires a BS or BA degree in business, manufacturing, or engineering. Strong communication and organizational skills are also required to be successful, since leading a team of employees will be an important part of the job.

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Why Search for Manufacturing leadership Jobs in Chicago Using JSK Recruiting

When you are searching for a manufacturing leadership role in Chicago, you can choose to look in different ways. The two most popular options are searching on your own or using an impersonal, nationwide career search engine. But searching this way often leads to problems as the company and candidate may not be the right fit for each other. That’s because you don’t have someone getting to know the company in addition to getting to know you. For this reason, the best way to get your ideal manufacturing leadership job in Chicago is to work with JSK Recruiting. We strive to ensure that we find a mutually beneficial position for the hiring company and the job candidate.  At JSK Recruiting, we find the right, every time!

When you’re looking for a Chicago manufacturing management career, JSK Recruiting is the company you can count on. We know exactly what you’re looking for because we work exclusively with these industries. We also provide thorough screening on both sides of the coin. We always visit workplaces to ensure that they prioritize the employee experience the way that employees deserve. In addition, our candidate screening process is comprehensive. During this process, we dive into each individual’s background to ensure that the personality and experience is the right fit for the hiring company. Long story short, we know that finding a job can be a long and stressful process. Your JSK recruiter is always available whenever you need them to help guide you through your search.  You can call, text or email us at any time of the day.

Other Industries We Serve

Besides Chicago manufacturing management jobs, we also help match employers and candidates in the following supply chain, maintenance, distribution, logistics, engineering and manufacturing fields.

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Supply Chain Professionals

Supply chain professionals play an important role in the global economy. This industry has changed significantly in the last several years thanks to new technology and innovation. Salaries are often great, with the average entry level salary being $70,000. Some examples of job titles JSK Recruiting is regularly looking for include  Planners, Analysts, Supervisors, Managers, and Directors in the fields of demand, forecasting, scheduling, inventory, and supply chain.

Some of the tasks supply chain professionals might be responsible for include: 

  • Analyzing data from capacity planning, scheduling, and shipping to finding bottlenecks and other issues
  • Maintaining supply chain inventory and records
  • Finding cost-effective solutions for processes in the supply chain
  • Working with other departments and partners to resolve issues as they come up
  • Ensuring supply chain processes meet legal requirements and standards

Purchasing Professionals

Sometimes called procurement professionals, purchasing professionals do more than just buy goods and services for their business. They do so in a way that produces the most value for the company at the lowest risk. In order to do this, they must understand the needs of the organization and the supply chain, identify, source and vet providers, and negotiate pricing. Purchasing is another great career path for those looking to make a good income, since many purchasing professionals make a minimum of $70,000 per year. JSK Recruiting is often looking for Buyers, Analysts, Supervisors, Managers, and Directors to work in buying, sourcing, and purchasing.

Some responsibilities of purchasing professionals include:

  • Reviewing the quality, reliability, and spend-trends of existing suppliers
  • Recommending and making decisions on new suppliers
  • Negotiating with suppliers
  • Building and managing supplier relationships
  • Identifying ways to save money in procurement

Manufacturing Professionals

The manufacturing industry is one of the most important sectors of the US and global economy. There’s an incredible opportunity for career growth for those who work in manufacturing. Many positions can expect to pay more than $100,000 per year, with an even higher salary as you gain more experience. A few positions we often hire for include Supervisors, Managers, Superintendents, and Directors in the areas of plant, manufacturing, shift, sanitation, production, and operations.

A few examples of duties and responsibilities for manufacturing professionals include:

  • Developing plans to help operations run smoothly
  • Run Continuous improvement projects using lean or six-sigma methodologies 
  • Creating and managing budgets
  • Collecting and reviewing data to reduce inefficiencies and waste
  • Implementing OSHA compliance programs for the facility

Maintenance Professionals

Maintenance professionals are extremely important in keeping any manufacturing company up and running. Many manufacturing maintenance professionals can expect to make at least $30 per hour or with overtime $75,000 per year, however, salaries can increase to nearly $150,000 with more experience. A few positions we are often looking to fill for Chicago companies include Supervisors, Managers, Engineers, and Mechanics or Technicians. 

Some responsibilities of manufacturing maintenance professionals include:

  • Providing mechanical and/or electrical services on any and all kinds of machines and equipment
  • Repair, troubleshoot and maintain all sorts of high-speed processing and packaging equipment.   
  • Read blueprints and Electrical Schematics
  • Work on conveyors, gearboxes, valves, sprockets, motors, hydraulics, pneumatics, pumps, PLCs, VFDs, ACDC and related equipment
  • Troubleshooting machines’ electrical systems up to 480 volts
  • Conducting inspections on equipment

Distribution Professionals

Distribution is a vital part of the supply chain. Professionals in this industry connect manufacturing companies with other manufacturers, contractors, retailers, and even consumers. The typical salary for those starting out is at least $65,000 and can go all the way up to $250,000 for Directors. We are often looking for Supervisors, Analysts, Managers, and Directors in transportation, distribution, operations, warehousing, and logistics.

Some responsibilities distribution professionals may have include:

  • Coordinating with vendors and suppliers to ensure that orders are delivered on time
  • Scheduling deliveries of products to retail outlets and/or customer warehouses
  • Consulting with customers regarding product selection and shipment scheduling
  • Identifying market trends to determine which products are likely to be successful in the future


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