About JSK Recruiting, Inc.

Improving the hiring experience for employers and job seekers in the supply chain
and manufacturing industries.

We provide complete recruiting services, from sourcing candidates, organizing the interviews and walking the candidates through the process to the placement and beyond. We have a 97% acceptance rate on all offers. Finding both long-term employees and rewarding careers across several supply chain positions has never been easier.


Jeff Katz founded JSK Recruiting because he wanted to improve the hiring experience for employers and job seekers in the supply chain and manufacturing industries. In his words,

“I had 13 years of experience in the permanent placement recruiting business in the fields of supply chain management and manufacturing before starting this venture. I use that experience to provide industry-specific and trustworthy recruiting services.”

“My team’s goal is to create a recruiting experience that ensures mutual satisfaction after a placement. We screen both our candidates and our clients to ensure we can stand behind the recommendations we make 100%.”

Benefits of working with JSK Recruiting

At JSK Recruiting, we offer many benefits that other recruiters simply do not offer. We built our business on a commitment to the following expectations:

Dedication and integrity: Our work sets the tone for employees’ careers and employers’ business outcomes. We take our role in the process seriously. You can trust us to deliver superior service, a better fit, and a higher acceptance rate.

Knowledge: We know what you’re looking for, because we work exclusively within the supply chain and manufacturing areas. We know the lingo and the market, which informs our ability to make the right placement recommendations.

Thorough screening: We visit our clients’ workplaces to make sure they provide the right employee experience, and we offer a comprehensive candidate screening process that dives into reference/employment backgrounds as well as the personality and fit of the candidate.

Great outcomes: Some of our founder’s first placements are still working with the companies he placed them in. Overall, our candidates stay in their placements for five to seven years, more than twice the average tenure for the industry.

Accessibility: Phone tag can extend a recruiting job from a few weeks to months on end. We know that accessibility to our clients and candidates drives the process forward. You can count on the ability to talk to your recruiter as needed throughout the process.


Reach out to us today to learn more about what makes us different.