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JSK Recruiting matches high-quality jobs for veterans with employers who are looking for high-quality people.

Great Companies Are Searching For You.

JSK has specialized jobs for veterans with strong companies who are always searching for qualified military veterans, Non Commissioned Officers (NCOs) and Technicians Junior Military Officers (JMOs) to employ in the manufacturing industry. There are excellent opportunities for transitioning veterans in the supply chain, logistics, distribution, maintenance, and manufacturing. Qualified military veterans are in high demand. Allow JSK to connect you with a great job at a company that truly appreciates our veterans and rewards hard work.


Military veterans are special hires because they have nobly served the country, put in hundreds of hours of training, and have unique skill sets that civilian job seekers typically lack. The manufacturing industry is especially ideal for military veterans because many veterans already possess the necessary talent and knowledge for the job. With a bit of additional training, veterans are ideal long-term fits for many of our outstanding clients. Here are some of the reasons military veterans are such sought-after employees:

  • Military veterans are trained and disciplined, with histories of hard work and commitment. They are fast learners and dedicated employees, making for great long-term fits with clients.
  • Veterans often have expertise in fields related to manufacturing, such as working on submarines, navy ships, aircrafts, and other machines. These skills correlate with many job openings in the manufacturing industry. Companies provide additional training as needed.
  • Typically, veterans are easy to place because they have an excellent work ethic, are well trained, coachable, have potential to be mentored, are familiar with being promoted up through the ranks, and know how to work well with a team.
  • Clients with open positions typically seek long-term fits and offer plenty of growth potential. This is perfect for military veterans who want to move up in a company.

The clients we work with recognize the enormous potential that lies within military veterans. Their leadership skills and ability to work under pressure make veterans prized potential employees. They already have experience leading people in stressful, fast-paced operations, so they are obvious fits as supervisors. If you can lead soldiers into battle, then leading an operation to build equipment, rebuild machinery, or purchase necessary components will be like second-nature.

JSK Recruiting ensures America’s best talent gets matched with exceptional long-term clients. We have good relationships with our clients and their employees, and we have the tools to make connections that are in the best interests of both parties. We are the answer for transitioning military veterans seeking work with great employers.

We Match Veteran Talent with Exceptional Clients

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    What Sets JSK Recruiting Apart?

    JSK Recruiting works with veteran-friendly partners to ensure the best possible placements. We connect disciplined men and women to meaningful job opportunities. While the recruitment process for transitioned veterans is the same as the traditional process, veteran employees are highly desirable workers because their experience sets them apart. For veterans who have served their country, rewarding employment should be attainable, and we want to ensure that work will be rewarding. Work with a team who appreciates your worth and can place you with exactly the right fit.

    JSK Recruiting is different from other companies because we are a smaller, more personal firm with fast response times. We take the time to truly get to know each individual before placing him or her at a supply chain, logistics, manufacturing, distribution, or maintenance position. As a recruit, you’ll receive the same level of respect we give our employer clients. We have helped transitioned veterans connect with their perfect jobs since 2005. We genuinely want you to achieve your highest career goals.

    You are in high demand in the manufacturing industry. JSK Recruiting finds the right fit – every time. We know how to help you find success. We open the door to top-notch employers who know the value of America’s veteran population. Apply today and get the recruitment experience you deserve.


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