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JSK Recruiting is dedicated to filling job openings with the right candidates. Are you looking for Oak Brook careers that are available, but you could use some help?If you are wondering how to get a manufacturing job in Oak Brook, look no further than JSK Recruiting. We help job seekers find their next career in Oak Brook. It has never been easier to find a new supply chain and manufacturing career in the Oak Brook area. Our recruiters are committed to finding the perfect candidates for the ideal jobs. We help you find the right fit, every time. We follow candidates all the way through the hiring process to make sure it’s the right fit. JSK Recruiting works with a variety of companies to determine exactly what they are looking for in their candidates. And we work with job searchers with every level of experience who wish to serve Oak Brook and the larger Illinois area. There are new manufacturing and supply chain jobs in Oak Brook IL opening up every day, and we are ready to pair qualified, energetic manufacturing professionals with the right Oak Brook careers. Manufacturing is a crucial part of Oak Brook and Illinois’ economy. Join the vibrant Oak Brook workforce with JSK Recruiting.

The Origins of JSK Recruiting

JSK Recruiting was founded by Jeff Katz on the premise that most recruiting companies hold the wrong priorities in order to truly help the job candidates that come to them. He decided to improve the experience of hiring for both job seekers and client companies by focusing on knowledge and mutual satisfaction. JSK Recruiting thoroughly screens all parties involved before making a placement. Understanding our partners as best as we can allows us to ensure that each placement is the right fit, every time! Thanks to his experience in the fields of manufacturing and supply chain management, Jeff was able to form JSK Recruiting to provide industry-specific services. Several of his original placements still work with the companies they joined. From the very beginning, JSK syncretized around several core values that guided our success through the current day.

Explore Oak Brook Careers in Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Are you looking for manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, distribution or maintenance jobs in Oak Brook IL? We place candidates in the right Oak Brook jobs, including all levels from entry level to Directors / Vice Presidents. There are a variety of different jobs available in the manufacturing industry. You can become a leader in manufacturing products like chemicals, machinery, food, packaging, plastics and many more industries. The Illinois manufacturing industry is extensive, and there are plenty of job openings on a regular basis. JSK Recruiting has the ability to help fill those opportunities with qualified candidates like yourself. If you have experience in manufacturing and are looking for a new job, you are perfect for many Oak Brook IL jobs.

JSK Recruiting helps fill various Oak Brook IL jobs, including:

  • Director of Operations, General Managers, Vice Presidents
  • Plant Managers, Production Managers, Production Supervisors
  • Quality Managers, Sanitation Managers, Director of Quality 
  • Maintenance Technicians, Maintenance Supervisors, Asset Care Managers
  • Purchasing Managers, Buyers, Sourcing Managers
  • Supply Chain Planners, Supply Chain Analysts, Supply Chain Managers
  • Plant Controllers, Cost Accountants, Staff Accountants
  • Engineering Managers, Mfg Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Design Engineers
  • And more.

Open jobs in Oak Brook IL change on a regular basis, because we fill positions quickly. And those positions have high retention rates because we find the right fit, every time. We match the right potential employee to the right company and the right position. Our client companies trust our experienced recruiters to choose the right prospective employees who not only meet, but exceed expectations. We constantly monitor the latest manufacturing news and market trends in order to keep up with the industry. Our goal is to help our candidates find the best fit for a fulfilling, long-term career from our available Oak Brook careers.

Oak Brook Recruiters Who Work For You

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At JSK Recruiting, our guarantee to our clients is to introduce them to skillful and eager candidates to fill their Oak Brook career openings. Our promise to job searchers is to find them careers that align with their skills and goals. We are committed to our clients and candidates, and that shows in our high retention rates in the positions we fill. Our recruiters focus on thorough screenings of our job searchers and in-person visits to the hiring companies in order to ensure we are making the right fit. There is more to a job search than what you see on a website. Every candidate and company has a different culture and working style. 

You do not have to navigate the job search in Oak Brook on your own. Our Oak Brook recruiters at JSK know how to help manufacturing job candidates find the right company. Contact us today to find your new Oak Brook manufacturing / supply chain career. Our recruiters are available to help you, regardless of your experience.

Get Hired with JSK Recruiting

Here at JSK Recruiting, we see candidates from the beginning to the end of the hiring process. Our thorough screening process also makes the hiring journey easier for companies to find their ideal candidates. JSK Recruiting is proud to boast high retention rates because we find the right match. Every time.

Tips for Applying for Oak Brook IL Jobs

We know that applying for Oak Brook jobs can be hard. The experts at JSK Recruiting are here to help you with the application process. Our team will help you identify your strengths and qualities that can help you be successful at finding your next career: 

Show Off Your Experience 

The job hunt is no time to be modest. Make sure to demonstrate your experience when applying for a new job. There are two groups of employees in the manufacturing and supply chain industry. The first group does not have a degree but specializes in hands-on, demanding roles, extremely valuable trades, and highly technical skills. The second group of candidates has a college education and perhaps even a graduate degree and focuses on the analytics, business, and management side of the manufacturing industry. Many of the latter positions are in Oak Brook, but both of these groups are key to the industry. Whichever group you fall into, we can help you find your next manufacturing or supply chain position by helping you elevate your resume.

Demonstrate Your Skills 

Additionally, you need to demonstrate your skills when applying for a new job. There are several essential skills needed in the manufacturing industry. Those in the manufacturing industry have unique sets of skills. Our recruiters can help you find the right way to tell employers your skills and ensure that you are ready to apply and interview with prospective Oak Brook employers. 

Consider Your Future

Now that you have considered your past and present skills, it’s time to think about the future. It is important to consider your future, especially before you go into an interview. Make sure you consider the skills that you will need in the position you are interviewing for and integrate them into your interview skillfully. 


If you are ready for a career change, come to us. JSK Recruiting will help you from the beginning to the end of the job hiring process. We help you find the right match, every time. Trust JSK Recruiting to help you fill jobs in Oak Brook, or to find the next career for you in Oak Brook, IL.


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