Addison Supply Chain Careers

Career Path for Supply Chain Jobs

If you’re thinking about starting a supply chain career, consider the following steps.

Get an Education

The vast majority of supply chain jobs require an education. The required level of education will be different given the type of role you are looking for. In addition, higher degrees lead to higher pay. Advanced degrees such as a graduate degree are very common for those with supply chain positions. According to the ASCM, over 50% of supply chain professionals have a master’s degree or another advanced degree. 

Work Your Way Up

As with the vast majority of other fields, people in supply chain jobs often work their way up. Most professionals will start with an entry-level job and gradually gain more experience and consequently, promotions. Thanks to the fact that the supply chain is so important to the global economy, there are a lot of opportunities for upward mobility and professional development if you are willing to put the work in.

Think About Certifications

As you are working your way up in your supply chain management career, you may want to consider gaining certifications in the field. Just like higher degrees can increase your earning potential, supply chain certifications can do the same. ASCM offers many certification options such as Certification in Planning and Inventory Management, and Certified Supply Chain Professional.


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Great Supply Chain Companies in Addison are Looking for You

Job Seekers

There are thousands of manufacturing companies in the Chicago area, and that includes Addison. For this reason, those who are looking for jobs in Addison will see a lot of options for supply chain careers. Whether you’re new to the industry or have already started your career in supply chain, JSK Recruiting wants to help you find the right supply chain job. We focus on linking great companies with exceptional candidates who are searching for their next position. We take great pride in successfully matching companies and employees. So if you need assistance in taking the next step in your supply chain career, we would love to help!

What is Supply Chain Management?
Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management refers to the handling of goods and services throughout the entire production process. The jobs in supply chain management are typically broken down into six different areas: fulfill, purchase, analyze, plan, transform, and orchestrate. Your career can be focused on any of these areas or be a combination of multiple. One thing is for sure: each area plays a vital role in the success of any supply chain.

Examples of Addison Supply Chain Careers and Their Responsibilities

There are many paths that careers in supply chain can follow. The below are just a few of the common supply chain management jobs along with a short overview of some of their responsibilities.

Buyer or Purchasing

Buyers, also known as Purchasing, are the front line workers in any organization’s supply chain. They help purchase or source for raw materials or finished goods needed for production or distribution. They may also maintain inventory that helps plan for future needs.


There are many types of planners in the supply chain which include Demand Planning, Production Planning, Inventory Planning, or Supply Planning.  They each have an important role from analyzing the forecast, planning the future or scheduling the day to day production needs.  Working in an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is a key function to these roles

Logistics or Transportation Manager

People in these positions oversee products as they enter and exit an organization. They are in charge of managing distribution, shipping, transportation, and raw materials. Logistics managers can also be called Warehouse Manager or Distribution Managers and they can also supervise the warehouse staff, which can include staff across multiple locations.

Supply Chain Manager or Director

Those with the title supply chain Director are the top executives for their organizations’ supply chain processes. They oversee everything from a high level, working with multiple departments to create products and manage the organizational supply as it relates to customer demand.

supply chain

Additional Industries We Serve

manufacturing professional

Maintenance Professionals

Maintenance professionals are extremely important to the daily operations of any manufacturing company. A few positions we are regularly looking to fill in Addison include Supervisors, Managers, Engineers, and Mechanics or Technicians. 

Purchasing Professionals

Also called procurement professionals, purchasing professionals do more than just buy goods and services for their companies. They must do this in a way that produces the most value for the company at the lowest risk. It is important for purchasing professionals to understand the needs of the organization and the supply chain as a whole, identify and vet providers, and negotiate pricing. JSK Recruiting is often looking for Planners, Analysts, Managers, and Directors to work in buying, sourcing, and purchasing roles.

Manufacturing Professionals

The manufacturing industry is one of the most important sectors of both the US and global economy. There’s an incredible opportunity for career growth for those in many areas of the manufacturing industry. A few positions JSK Recruiting is commonly hiring for include Supervisors, Managers, Superintendents, and Directors. These positions can be in the areas of plant, manufacturing, shift, sanitation, production, and operations.

Distribution Professionals

Distribution is an essential part of the larger supply chain. Working in distribution is another way to have a career in supply chain. Workers in this specific field are responsible for connecting manufacturing companies with contractors, retailers, and even consumers. At JSK Recruiting, we are often looking for Supervisors, Analysts, Managers, and Directors in transportation, distribution, operations, warehousing, and logistics.

Why Now is the Right Time for an Addison Supply Chain Career

Jobs in the supply chain make up a large portion of the jobs in the US economy. And that may continue to grow! In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that there will be a 28% growth for jobs in logistics between 2021 and 2031. This is over five times the average projected growth for all occupations!

Why Search for Supply Chain Jobs in Addison Using JSK Recruiting

It can be extremely overwhelming when you’re looking to take the first step, or the next step, in your supply chain career. You can try doing it yourself, but it’s often harder than it looks. You want to search for more than just open positions. You want to find open positions at companies that fit your needs. When you let JSK Recruiting help you find your next role, this is not a concern. Our team gets to know both you and the company that might be hiring you. After all, we want to find the best fit for both parties, so that you can have a long and successful tenure at the company. 

When it comes to the supply chain or manufacturing industry, JSK Recruiting knows best. We work exclusively in these industries, which puts us in the best position to help you. As part of our process, we provide thorough screening on both sides of the employment agreement. For example, we visit the companies that are currently hiring to ensure that they prioritize a positive experience for employees. In addition, we have a comprehensive candidate screening process that allows us to determine if the experience and personality will be the right fit for the company. 

We understand that finding a job can be a long and stressful process for everyone involved. Your JSK recruiter is available every step of the way to help make this a pain-free experience.


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