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There are thousands of manufacturing companies in the Chicago area and that includes the suburb of Addison. Those who are looking for jobs in Addison will see a lot of options for management careers. If there was ever a city to find a great management job, this is it! And luckily for you, it’s even easier when you get help from JSK Recruiting. We take pride in connecting great companies with exceptional candidates for management positions. We are always searching for those looking to further their management careers and look forward to helping you discover your best opportunity.


We take the sourcing process a step further than most manufacturing recruiting agencies…

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What is Manufacturing Management?

When discussing manufacturing management, we’re referring to managing all aspects of the manufacturing process. Managing a manufacturing plant is a lot of responsibility. You may be responsible for the entire process, from assembly to packaging and shipping the final product. Managing employees, quality control, and even P&L responsibilities can all fall under the umbrella of manufacturing management.

The specific job responsibilities of a manufacturing or plant manager will vary depending on the specific job title and area of focus. But to get a general feel for tasks, we’ve compiled a list: 

  • Managing a team of managers, supervisors and hourly employees
  • Setting up and maintaining the safety of machines
  • Monitoring processes and workflows and optimizing them for efficiency
  • Overseeing production to ensure products meet quality standards and on time deliveries 
  • Hiring and training new employees and regularly assessing their performance
  • Establishing production goals and hitting those production goals 
  • Creating a business plan that outlines how to effectively meet goals

Manufacturing Career Paths

If you’re thinking about looking for management jobs in Addison, consider the following steps.

Obtain a Degree

Before you begin your management career, you will likely need to obtain a BS or BA degree. Most companies and positions will ask for a Bachelor’s Degree in engineering, Operations Management, Supply Chain, Business, Leadership or another related field in order to be considered. You may be able to complete an internship in the industry, which will help you gain valuable experience and on-the-job skills.

Start Your Career

You’ll need to begin your management career with an entry-level job. From there, you can work your way up, gaining more experience and taking on more responsibilities over time. You can usually expect to spend about 2-5 years in each position before advancing to the next one. 

Continue Your Education 

While you are working your way up, you may be able to bolster your resume even more by continuing your education. You might want to gain a graduate degree if you haven’t already or obtain certifications from industry organizations. This will help you advance your career and make a positive impact on your salary. Related Certifications include Six-Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Project Management (PM) or Supply Chain Certified Professional (SCCP).

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Why Now is the Right Time for a Management Career

Addison’s strategic location lends itself to the manufacturing and supply chain industries. With access to large transportation networks and a plethora of skilled workers, it’s one of the best places in the country to pursue a manufacturing management career. In addition, the industry has seen many exciting changes in the last several years, highlighting the importance of manufacturing managers. Now is a great time to join a dynamic and rewarding industry.

Why Search for Leadership Jobs in Chicago Using JSK Recruiting

Finding the right manufacturing / operations leadership position isn’t an easy task. You can try to do it yourself, but this can quickly become overwhelming. While there are career search engines, they only show you open positions. They cannot help you decide whether the company will be a good fit for you. For this reason, many people looking for manufacturing leadership jobs turn to JSK Recruiting. We get to know you just as well as the hiring company, which allows us to identify the best options for all involved. At the end of the day, our goal is to find a mutually beneficial agreement for both the hiring company and the job candidate.

When you’re looking for a manager or supervisor position, JSK Recruiting is the best place to turn to. We know exactly what you’re looking for because we work exclusively in the manufacturing and supply chain industries. We have also designed a unique process that leads to higher satisfaction on both sides of the interview table. We start by visiting the companies looking for new employees to ensure that they prioritize a positive employee experience. In addition, our candidate screening process dives into candidate backgrounds to ensure that their personality and experience is the right fit for the company. 

We understand that finding the right management job can be a long and stressful process for everyone involved. When you work with a JSK recruiter, they’ll be available whenever you need them – and they’ll deliver a pain-free experience with a position you’ll excel in.

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Other Industries We Serve

Supply Chain Professionals

The supply chain industry has changed significantly in the last several years thanks to new technology and innovation. However, supply chain professionals remain the key to the daily operations of a supply chain. Some job titles that JSK Recruiting is regularly looking to fill include Planners, Analysts, Managers, and Directors in the fields of demand, forecasting, scheduling, inventory, and supply chain.

Purchasing Professionals

Sometimes called procurement professionals, purchasing professionals are responsible for buying goods and services for the business. They must do so in a way that produces the most value for the company at the lowest risk. Professionals in this industry also identify and vet providers and negotiate pricing. JSK Recruiting is often looking for Planners, Analysts, Managers, and Directors to work in buying, sourcing, and purchasing.

Manufacturing Professionals

The US and global economy heavily rely on the manufacturing industry. This presents a huge opportunity for career growth for those in this field. A few positions we often hire for include Supervisors, Managers, Superintendents, and Directors in the areas of plant, manufacturing, shift, sanitation, production, and operations.

Distribution & Logistics Professionals

No supply chain is complete without distribution and logistics professionals. These employees connect manufacturing companies with contractors, retailers, and even consumers. JSK Recruiting is often looking for Supervisors, Analysts, Managers, and Directors in the areas of transportation, distribution, operations, warehousing, and logistics.


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