How JSK Uses the Best Recruitment Strategies To Elevate Your Team

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When you have open positions at your company, it is always the goal to hire the best and most well-equipped recruits for the job. Sometimes, it can be difficult to find those recruits on your own. With the help of a recruitment company like JSK, however, this job can become much easier. JSK uses the best recruitment strategies to help put the right people in the right positions. 

This article will clarify what recruitment strategies actually are, and will then offer some excellent recruitment strategies utilized by JSK to get you the best recruits for your job. With an acceptance rate of 97%, we are confident that we can help elevate recruitment and find your company the right fit, every time. 

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What Are Corporate Recruiting Strategies? 

To begin, it is important to define what recruitment strategies are and how they can help you find the right people to join your team. Essentially, a recruitment strategy is a plan of action that will help you successfully identify and place your ideal recruits for a position. Hiring can be a very difficult process, but with the best recruitment strategies, it can become much easier. JSK uses recruitment strategies that will help your open positions attract more recruits, shorten your hiring times, and overall find you better matches for your positions. 

Additionally, by using the right recruitment strategies, you will not only elevate recruitment for this one position but for your entire company. Some recruitment plans are meant to help get the word out about your company and get more people talking about you. Even if this one position is not meant for a certain person, more recruits will have their eyes on your company for when you hire more new positions. 

Working with a recruitment company can help match you with the perfect recruit faster. They can also reduce your hiring costs. Matching with the right people sooner can mean that your advertisements and other costs can decrease sooner. Plus, with JSK, you improve your retention rate which means that you don’t have to advertise open positions anywhere near as often. 

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The Three C’s Of Recruitment

One of the best recruitment strategies that we utilize at JSK and that many other platforms will mark as one of the most effective recruitment tips is to utilize the three C’s of recruitment. These three C’s stand for clarity, communication, and closure. 


When you are working with a recruitment agency like JSK, we make sure to talk to our clients about what the expectations for the position are going to be. Clearly defining what is expected from a recruit when they apply for the job is important to creating an atmosphere of trust and understanding early on in the process. 


Our corporate recruiting strategies mean that we stay in constant communication with our clients and our recruits, offering updates and matches for them whenever you ask for them. Of course, we do not want to bombard anyone with excessive emails or notifications, so we keep you informed about the important things and will always answer your questions. This also goes for communicating a client’s needs and wishes when it comes to a position, which helps the recruits stay fully informed and offers you the best, most well-equipped recruits for the job. 


We want to provide closure for everyone who is a part of our process. This means helping clients communicate with their potential hires about whether they have received a job offer or if your company has chosen to go a different direction. In the hiring process, it can be easy to drop some of the loose ends, but we make sure everything is tied up. 

JSK’s Recruitment Tips

As we work hard to match you with the ideal recruit through the best recruitment strategies possible, we communicate with our clients to make sure you know how we operate. Here are some excellent corporate recruiting strategies used by teams like ours to find you the best match: 

  1. Develop A Clear Brand: One key strategy to finding the right job recruits is to make sure that your company is clearly defined from the start. With a firm mission statement and transparency through the hiring process, people will be more compelled to work with your company. At JSK, we help support and define your brand further to draw more recruits. 
  2. Resume Reviews: We will not send you the resumes of every recruit who applies for the position. Instead, we do a very thorough inspection of each resume and hand-select the top five or less for the job. That way, you are only interviewing the people who are going to be the very best for the job. 
  3. Active Searching: As a recruitment company, we have the ability to connect to each individual recruit we have who is looking for a position. This means that when a position opens up that makes a strong match for a certain recruit’s abilities, we can connect them with that job. Instead of having a random pool apply for your job, we reach out to recruits we already know will be a great fit. 
best recruitment strategies

How JSK Can Elevate Recruitment 

At JSK Recruiting, we are always working to improve the hiring process through the best recruitment strategies and more. This means offering you and our other clients the support and recruitment tips that you need and matching you with the right people for the job. We have built our business on the foundations of integrity, knowledge, accessibility, and creating great outcomes for everyone involved, company and recruit

You will only ever receive two to five recruits for every open position. Our screening system helps us get to know every recruit before we send them to you, with a live phone call and resume inspection. 

With recruitment in manufacturing, supply chain, and corporate positions all throughout the Chicagoland area, we are eager to find you the recruits you need. The right fit, every time.