Leveraging JSK’s Recruitment Services for a Competitive Edge

recruitment services

Recruitment services can sometimes feel intangible or difficult to approach, either as a company or as a job seeker. At JSK Recruiting, however, our team of recruitment consultants is here to find the perfect job match for you as a candidate, and the best recruit for your company job.

This article will discuss how you can use recruitment agencies to get a competitive edge and benefit your career and company. 

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Are Recruiting Agencies Worth It?

The usefulness of recruitment services can sometimes be questioned by those who have never used them. However, the people who have utilized the help of recruitment consultants and agencies in the past know that they can be instrumental, both for job-seekers and companies alike. Here are just some of the advantages of using a recruitment service for recruits and businesses:

For Companies

There are many benefits to working with recruiters to find the best new hires for your company. To begin, the hiring process immediately becomes more efficient. A recruiting company’s help means that you do not have to take time out of your busy schedule to sift through resumes, write job descriptions, and schedule resumes. Instead, they handle all of that work and can expedite the process for you. 

In addition to making the process faster, you will also receive a higher caliber of job candidates.  The best recruiting services will not just pass along every resume that they see. Instead, they will hand-select the best recruits for the job and give you a small list of people who will be a good fit. At JSK, we commit ourselves to only giving you between 2 and 5 hiring options, all of whom are the best in their field. 

For Job-Seekers

Engaging with recruitment as a service means that you will always have someone in your corner, advocating for you and trying to find you the best possible fit. You are not just another faceless resume that comes through the door. Instead, recruitment agencies work hard to find you a position that you will thrive in and that will make you happy. 

Recruiters can also help you along every step of the way. If there are elements of the hiring process that you struggle with as a job seeker, our recruiters at JSK will work with you to overcome those stressors. We can help you prepare for interviews and even offer resume suggestions to make you stand out in your final interviews. 

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Recruitment As A Service for Companies

If you are a company that has never worked with a recruiting agency before, you may be wondering, “Are recruitment agencies worth it?” There are plenty of ways that recruitment services will be worth your time as a hiring business. Here are just a couple of the advantages you can get from working with an agency like JSK: 

  1. Saving Money: At JSK, we know that downtime means a loss of revenue for your entire company. This means that it is imperative for you to find the right people to add to your team. If training takes too long, or your new hire is not well-equipped for the job, it will lead to a loss in revenue and you will likely have to start the entire hiring process over again, which takes up more of your time. With the right recruiter, all of these points are non-issues. Your new hire will be more than capable. 
  2. Retention: When you hire a new team member, it is more common than ever for those new hires to stay on board for less than two years. With JSK, this is not the case. Retention rates are higher than ever within our agency. Your new candidate will be sure to stick around. 

At JSK, we have been in the supply and manufacturing field for over thirteen years. This means that we have the expertise and experience in the industry to know just how we can support you. We know what makes a good candidate, and when you work closely with our team of recruiters, we can help you find the right candidates for your specific needs. 

Recruitment Consultants for Job-Seekers

Recruitment services for those seeking a new position are extremely beneficial for a number of reasons, as previously stated. Specifically, working with JSK Recruiting can help you get a leg up on the competition. When it comes to the question “Are recruiting agencies worth it?”, JSK is a confident yes. This is because we dedicate ourselves to standing apart from other recruitment agencies in the ways that we engage with our job-seeking candidates

At JSK, we listen to you. We commit ourselves to treating our candidates with as much respect, dedication, and care as we devote to our company clients. Our agency sets itself apart from others through our process of getting to know you: we start our work with every applicant by having a phone call and getting to know you better. This is followed by a longer, in-person interview. We want to get to know who you are, from your hobbies to your career goals. This gives us the best idea of how to find you jobs where you will thrive. 

Additionally, we will only match you up with the best companies who we know will treat you well. We screen all of the businesses that we recommend to our recruits, including a physical walk-through of the workplace to ensure safe conditions. We will only make recommendations to you that we stand behind, 100%.

In order to really get an advantage in the job market, make the most of working with your recruiter. Come to your interviews prepared with answers and questions for us. Know what you want your salary to look like, and feel free to ask us any questions about the process that you may have. As long as you are committed to your career, we can help you. In turn, you will get access to hidden job markets, get excellent interview training, and you’ll always have someone in your corner. 

recruitment services

JSK’s Advantage

Recruitment as a service is one of the most unique and tight-knit means of hiring new candidates for a company position. It is also one of the best ways to find the right company to fit your needs as a job-seeker. 

When you use recruitment services like JSK, whether you are a hiring company or a job seeker, you are sure to find the right fit, every time.