5 Manufacturing Maintenance Strategies

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5 Manufacturing Maintenance Strategies

Manufacturing maintenance is essential for many industries. Learn about five manufacturing maintenance strategies in this guide.

Some manufacturing plants experience problems, but might not have a manufacturing maintenance strategy to address them. They might only wait for something bad to happen to fix it, but that can be very costly and ineffective over time. When things are moving fast, don’t you want to save money with a smart plan for when things go wrong?

Manufacturing maintenance is something that can cost companies a lot of money if handled poorly. Industrial plants that experience a shutdown due to bad maintenance strategies can lose millions of dollars. It might surprise you how a good maintenance strategy can help.

Manufacturing maintenance is essential for many industries. Want to learn about five manufacturing maintenance strategies that can be useful? Keep reading our guide to find out which ones are the best.

1- Reactive Maintenance

While waiting for something bad to happen isn’t the best approach, it can still be effective. Things can break from time to time, which requires repairs from a maintenance technician.

Relying too much on reactive maintenance can result in higher maintenance costs. And at the same time, may also affect productivity and the quality of a product.

2 – Preventative Maintenance

Having scheduled inspections and routine maintenance from a manufacturing maintenance technician is a great way to prevent big problems from happening.

A preventative maintenance strategy can spot anything that might be a problem early on. Allowing things to keep working at peak proficiency.

3- Predictive Maintenance

While similar to a preventative strategy, predictive maintenance lets you use additional information to find solutions. For industrial maintenance, this can be the state of a working machine and how it functions daily. With more data and information, you’re able to make a more accurate evaluation of everything.

However, a predictive maintenance strategy can also cost more to execute at the start. It is also very accurate over time. Some industries utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to gather data to make accurate conclusions.  

4- Condition-Based Maintenance

Condition-based maintenance is when you conduct maintenance based on the condition of a machine. This can mean replacing parts if they appear to start to wear down from normal use.

Instead of going by a schedule for maintenance, issues can get fixed based on the current conditions at a given time.

5 – Prescriptive Maintenance

This strategy can help with industrial maintenance by predicting where things can go wrong through the use of artificial intelligence.

This is done by gathering and analyzing data to predict points of failure from hypothetical outcomes. This can help suggest potential solutions and actions to further prevent future problems from happening.

Having a Good Maintenance Strategy

With our guide on the different manufacturing maintenance strategies, you can understand why it’s a vital component of industrial maintenance. Without grasping a good maintenance strategy, you could be vulnerable to losing money and affecting your business in significant ways.

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