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At JSK Recruiting, we recognize the challenges that come from sourcing and retaining top talent within the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry. That’s why we’ve developed a method to connect clients with their ideal candidates, helping to speed up the recruitment process and reduce turnover rates. In this article, we’ll go over our FMCG recruiters’ evaluation techniques, the solutions we use to overcome hiring obstacles, and the strategies that distinguish us from the competition.

Our Guarantee

Contracts vary depending on the type of position, the timeline, and other factors. Our recruiters will get to know you and your needs first, so we know exactly what you’re looking for in a hire. Since we’ve been in the supply chain and manufacturing field for 20 years, we have industry-specific knowledge that makes communicating with us a breeze.
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Why Choose JSK Recruiting for Your FMCG Recruitment Needs

FMCG recruitment agencies like ours have a hand in the entire hiring process, from candidate screening to the ultimate job offer. By understanding the wants and needs of both your company and candidates, our consumer products recruiters are able to speed up the recruitment process and find matches who will want to stay long-term. 

In-Depth Candidate Screening

At JSK Recruiting, we use an in-depth recruitment screening process that allows us to review an applicant’s fit not just for the job itself, but also for your company’s culture. This lowers the risk of hiring mistakes and reduces turnover. Similarly, by taking the time to understand the wants, needs, and personality of each candidate, we are more effective at recruiting top talent for your business. 

Local Connections 

Our FMCG recruiters don’t use large candidate databases. Instead, JSK Recruiting has local connections in Aurora, St. Charles, Frankfort, Naperville, and Oak Brook. We use our relationships to recruit the best matches for every one of our clients. 

Niche Industry Knowledge 

There are many good reasons to use FMCG recruitment agencies, but not all agencies are built the same. The key to success is choosing a firm that understands your profession and industry. 

JSK Recruiting is a fast-moving consumer goods agency that specializes in Addison and Chicago companies and candidates. By focusing on this niche market, we have developed an in-depth understanding of the FMCG industry, helping us better vet candidates and match them with the right openings. 

Fast Hires

According to one hiring study, it takes an average of 44 days to hire a new staff member after the job is posted. Unfortunately, many of our clients can’t afford to wait that long to fill an open position. When you work with our FMCG recruiters, we take over the entire hiring process, using our network to find qualified applicants at faster than average rates. 

High Acceptance and Retention Rates

Our FMCG recruitment agency has one of the highest acceptance rates in the industry, and some of our initial placements have stayed at their companies for more than 15 years. Compared to the average contract tenure of a mere 10 weeks, you can be sure that we find the right fit, every time. 

24/7 Accessibility 

JSK Recruiting doesn’t work on a traditional nine-to-five workday model. Instead, we’re proud to offer round-the-clock accessibility. We are available for our clients when they need hires most.

Our Unique Approach to FMCG Staffing

At JSK Recruiting, our philosophy is that in order to match our clients with their ideal candidates, we need to understand the open role, your business, and the applicants themselves. Rather than send you a heap of resumes that are only vaguely relevant to the position, our FMCG recruitment agency uses an established process to vet candidates and select tailored options. 

Our first step is to work with your business to define your brand mission. FMCG recruitment agencies like ours don’t just chase the best talent–we attract the right people to you. By clearly defining your company mission, we give the best candidates a chance to discover your position themselves. 

Once candidates begin to apply for the open role, we do more than just review their resumes. Instead, we vet each applicant on their skills and experience, looking for people who would best suit the position. Additionally, we use this interview as an opportunity to connect with recruits as individual people. This not only allows us to determine if a candidate’s personality is a match for your business culture, but it also allows us to grow our pool of job-seeking candidates. This is beneficial, because when you open a new position, we likely already have a strong match in mind.

By using this tailored method, our FMCG recruiters will hand-select two to five applicants who would be a great fit for your open position. Our clients appreciate that we don’t overwhelm them with applicants, allowing them to invite only the top people in for an interview. 

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About JSK Recruiting 

JSK Recruiting has been working in the supply chain, distribution, and manufacturing field for more than 20 years. Jeff Katz founded JSK Recruiting with the goal of improving the hiring experience for employers and job seekers in this sector. 

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JSK Recruiting is the top recruiting firms in Chicago. Whether you are a Chicago manufacturing or supply chain company looking for committed professionals to fill open positions or you are looking for a manufacturing job in Chicago, we would love to work with you. If you are looking for recruiting and or hiring services in Chicago, come to us. For Chicago manufacturing recruiting services, call or text JSK Recruiting today at (847) 696-7377 or email

How Our FMCG Recruitment Agency Improves Hiring 

At JSK Recruiting, we use the three C’s of recruitment to match clients with their ideal candidates. These C’s stand for clarity, communication, and closure. 


At JSK Recruiting, we believe communication is key for both trust and success. Our consumer products recruiters keep clients updated on their progress as the recruiting process progresses, offering feedback as often as needed. Similarly, for clients who are happier without extra emails in their inboxes, we can customize our communications to suit their needs. 


At our FMCG recruitment agency, we don’t merely glance over resumes. Instead, our aim is to help grow real partnerships between candidates and the organizations they join. During our initial candidate interviews, we outline the expectations and duties of every vacant role. This not only creates transparency for applicants, but it also allows candidates to evaluate their own fit for the position, ensuring those who apply are both eager and ready to take on the job. Because of our FMCG recruiters’ commitment to clarity, we believe we can more effectively screen out candidates who may not fit well with the role, lowering turnover rates and improving job satisfaction.


Attempting to recruit and hire candidates can be hectic, and when you’re doing it on your own, it’s easy for important details to slip. When you work with JSK Recruiting, our consumer products recruiters handle the entire hiring process from start to finish. This includes discussing job offers with candidates, as well as communicating with applicants who will not be moving on to further rounds. 

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