Tips for Searching for a Job in the 4th Quarter

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Tips for Searching for a Job in the 4th Quarter

Are you looking for a job in the 4th quarter of the year? This can be a tricky time to search for a job, so check out these tips to help you.

If you’re job hunting, you might’ve heard the myth that companies don’t hire in the 4th quarter. Many people assume businesses don’t hire at the end of the year because of the holidays.

This simply isn’t true. In fact, 43% of companies hire in Q4.

While October through December can be busy months for businesses, you can still get hired. Keep reading for tips on finding the perfect job before the year ends.

Network at Holiday Parties

The holiday season can add lots of events to your social calendar. These parties aren’t just for fun, they can also be networking opportunities. During the holidays, you never know who you’ll meet at a party.

A party guest might know of a job opening that’s a perfect fit for you. After all, 85% of job openings are filled through networking.

At the very least you can let people know you’re looking. If they hear about a job, they can put you in touch with the company.

If you’re heading to a holiday party, take a few business cards with you. You don’t need anything fancy — a simple card with your name, phone number, and email address are all you need. A business card will make sure your contact remembers the conversation.

Don’t Stop Trying in the 4th Quarter

Just because the temperatures drop that doesn’t mean you should cool it on your job search. As stated above, almost half of companies hire permanent staff members in Q4.

Most businesses set aside a portion of their yearly budget for hiring. If they don’t use the money before the end of the year, they’ll lose it or get a smaller budget for the next year. It’s in the business’s best interest to make new hires in Q4.

If other job candidates think that hiring slows down at the end of the year, it can work in your favor. Your application will be part of a smaller pile, which means you’ll be more likely to get an interview.

Keep Your Interview Skills Fresh

Hiring doesn’t slow down in Q4, but employees take time off for the holidays. This can interrupt the hiring process.

It can be tough to schedule interviews around employee time off so you could be called in for an interview with very little notice. That’s why it’s essential to keep up your interview skills.

A great way to prepare is to look up common interview questions and think of your own answers. When you get called in for an interview, you won’t have to scramble for answers to these questions. Instead, you can focus on researching the company.

Great interview skills will impress the hiring manager and can lead to a job offer. Plus, you’ll feel calm and confident going into the interview knowing you’re prepared. 

Find the Perfect Job Before the End of the Year

The 4th quarter is a great time to search for a job. While your competition is winding down for the holidays, you can be ramping up your job search. 

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