Shampoo Label Packaging: Why It’s Important

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Shampoo Label Packaging: Why It’s Important

The FDA has laws in place regarding the packaging of cosmetic products. Keep reading to learn more about why shampoo label packaging is essential.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why products have labels on them? Every bottle of shampoo you pick up in the store has a certain set of information located on the front, back, and sometimes even the sides!

Let’s take a look at product packaging and who decided what information needed to be shared with consumers. Read along to find out how your shampoo label has to meet FDA requirements!

PDP & Information Panel

There are two different labels seen on a shampoo bottle. The first is the PDP, or Principal Display Panel, and the second is the information panel.

The PDP is where you find the name and illustration that identifies the use of the product. This is also where you find the weight and measurements of the quantity of product inside.

The information panel reveals the ingredients and instructions on how to use the product correctly, as well as, all company information. You will find the business information and also warning statements about the product. Usually, you find this on the back of the bottle or even under another label. 

FDA Regulation

There are labeling requirements in the form of two different acts published by the FDA to protect consumers from misbranding and mislabelling. To keep companies honest and incapable of deceiving the public, Congress created the FD&C Act and the FP&L Act.

FD&C Act

The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic (FD&C) Act controls interstate commerce of cosmetic marketing. Any marketing of cosmetics that has been adulterated for profit is illegal and punishable. This applies to any product except soap that is used for cleansing, beauty, or altering the appearance.

FP&L Act

The Fair Packaging and Labeling (FP&L) Act requires that labels and packaging accurately represent the quantity and value of a product. This act also explains the parameters of what is expected for the PDP label. You can find the location and size of the PDP under the FP&L act.

Shampoo Label Importance

It is essential that shampoo labels follow the FDA regulations to avoid lawsuits and claims that lead to expensive litigation. It is also important that these labels are still seen as a major marketing tool.

A whopping 72% of American consumers admitted that packaging design influences their decision to purchase. More than simply being a requirement so consumers know what they’re purchasing, labels draw them in with the design.

Outdated packaging and labeling send the message to buyers that the product itself is outdated and probably doesn’t work very well. Smart marketing involves not only promotions but innovative and modern design, especially when it comes to a cosmetic beauty product.

Learn More About Manufacturing

Cosmetic packaging and what we know of the shampoo label have come a long way since the beginning of commercial products. Consumers have more information available to them than ever thanks to FDA requirements.

Product packaging and product labels are a large part of manufacturing. If you’re interested in the supply chain and manufacturing industries, learn more here!