Popular Cities People are Moving to Because of Manufacturing Jobs

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Popular Cities People are Moving to Because of Manufacturing Jobs


Check out this list of the most popular cities people are moving to because of their abundant manufacturing jobs.

In the 1950s, manufacturing jobs accounted for 30% of American employment. Today, that number has severely declined. Today’s figures put American manufacturing jobs at less than 9% of the current workforce.

Because of this, it is often important for those with manufacturing experience to relocate. Read on to learn more about where manufacturing jobs are still thriving.


Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas isn’t just famous for being the largest city in the state of Kansas. Wichita is also home to a thriving manufacturing industry.

Wichita was once nicknamed ‘Cowtown’. This well-deserved nickname speaks to Wichita’s history as a major hub for the cattle trade.

Since then, however, Wichita is quickly showing us just how much it offers. Wichita has since created a culture of art, music, and local events that make it a great place to live.

Wichita is also rounding the curve with cultural experiences. Did you know that Wichita also hosts its own film festival now? With craft beer and a thriving local art scene, Wichita is quickly showing us just how cool it can be.


Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne, Indiana is a city with a lot of history. Established in the late 1700s, this American city during the Revolutionary war.

Fort Wayne has long been a hub for manufacturing and invention. It is said that the refrigerator was invented in this Indiana town!

Home to beautiful architecture, Fort Wayne has a wealth of beauty to explore. Because of a storied history of flooding, however, anyone considering a move to Fort Wayne should know the risks.

Floods and tornados have done their worst to Fort Wayne in the past, but the resilient spirit of the Indiana residents has always overcome.


Battle Creek, Michigan

Battle Creek, Michigan is another manufacturing city with a rich history. Battle Creek has a strong connection to Native American history and the Underground Railroad.

With manufacturing jobs ranging from the Post food plants to assembly and fabrication, there are plenty of great employers present in the Battle Creek, Michigan area.

Battle Creek is also home to the Fort Custer Army National Guard Base.


Toledo, Ohio

Near Lake Erie, Toledo is an Ohio city founded in 1833. Toledo is the 71st largest city in America and has a strong connection to manufacturing.

Toledo was once nicknamed the “Glass City” because of the prominent presence of glass manufacturing plants. GM also operates large manufacturing plants in Toledo.

Further, Toledo saw a large influx in green manufacturing jobs in recent years. Local universities have also received large grants as they work towards creating new and innovative green energy strategies.


Raleigh, NC

Often cited on lists of the best cities to live in, Raleigh, NC has a lot to offer. Located in northeast North Carolina, Raleigh is second only to Charlotte in population for the state.

With many manufacturing opportunities available and a beautiful climate, Raleigh just may be the perfect place for you and your family.


Manufacturing Jobs for You

While deciding to move is never an easy one, these thriving US cities have much to offer. Much has changed in recent years, but there are still many more opportunities to be had.

To learn more about US manufacturing jobs, be sure to visit our website. We’re here to help you make an informed decision about the recruiting opportunities available to you.