Eco-Friendly Packaging for the Future’s Convenience Food Brands

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Eco-Friendly Packaging for the Future’s Convenience Food Brands

Eco-friendly packaging is going to play a big role in your business strategy now and in the coming years. Click now to see how renewable resources are key.

In 2020 a study found that 74% of Americans would be willing to pay higher prices for sustainable packaging. 

The climate crisis has led to an increasing value on sustainability and eco-friendly packaging. For businesses to survive, they’re going to have to invest in biobased materials. 

Keep reading to learn more about eco-friendly packaging. 

What is Sustainable Packaging?

When it comes to convenience food, the easiest packaging option is usually single-use plastic. Plastic is cheap, it keeps the food at the right temperature, it’s easy to store, and it doesn’t spill. When running a business, it’s the obvious choice. 

But consumers would now prefer biodegradable options for their packaging. This means products should have renewable packaging or be reusable.

Some companies stick to plastic containers but offer discounts if they’re returned. This way packaging can be reused. 

Sustainable Packaging Options

Sustainable packaging is better for the planet. This includes materials that are recyclable, biodegradable, or made from renewable resources. There are even attempts at creating biodegradable plastic. But the easiest alternatives currently available are fabrics and paper or cardboard. 

There are other options being investigated by the manufacturing industry too. Seaweed, plant-based materials, and even edible membranes are all being looked at. 

Why Do Consumers Care?

Consumers are now understanding the destruction that plastic has had on the world. They’re happy to do their part in helping the planet where they can. This is reflected in consumer packaging trends. 

Consumers understand that what they want can dictate what companies are willing to do. If customers demand sustainable packaging and are willing to pay for it, then businesses should make the switch. 

This way the quality of convenience food products is not compromised and the planet is unharmed. The scale of the impact of sustainable packaging will increase as more industries get on board. 

How Will This Impact the Manufacturing Industry?

The manufacturing industry is one of the biggest in the world because it serves so many other industries. Industries are looking for sustainable packaging options. The manufacturing industry needs to adapt to give them these options. 

Sustainable food packaging is only one sphere of manufacturing that needs to adapt. Most industries that produce a lot of packages are seeing calls to change to sustainable options. 

Finding materials that are easy and relatively cheap to make is always a challenge. It’s even more challenging to keep them sustainable and with low waste production. Packaging also needs to be easy to use but also not too different from what consumers already know.

There’s an industry boom expected. The manufacturing and supply chain sectors must look for candidates who can help them develop answers to these problems. 

Eco-Friendly Packaging Is the Future

When businesses invest in eco-friendly packaging they improve consumer trust and increase sales. This means a lot of businesses are going to make the switch soon. 

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