Top 5 Questions you Absolutely Have to Ask at Your First Interview

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Top 5 Questions you Absolutely Have to Ask at Your First Interview

When applying for a job, you will cross paths with your first interview at which point you’ll want to get as much out of it by asking the following questions.

The United States’ job market is on fire. The unemployment rate is holding steady at 3.5 percent, which marks one of the best periods in American history.

The manufacturing industry is hitching its wagon to the nation’s success. Since 2017, the manufacturing industry has added nearly half a million new jobs.

With such a robust job market, it is time to capitalize and start applying for a high-paying job or promotion. With demand strong and many employers in need, you are empowered to select the best job.

Read on to learn what questions you should ask at your first interview. Explore 5 questions that you must ask before starting at a new company.

1. Why Is the Job Open?

A job applicant can learn so much from this question. There are many different answers that an employer can give and all of them are worth knowing.

For example, the company may be growing and needs more workers. On the other hand, the company may have fired or laid off the prior employee holding this position. The employer’s answer here could give off a positive or negative vibe that helps with your decision-making process.

2. Is There Room for Advancement?

It is possible for a job with lower starting pay to be the right selection over the long run. This is made possible by opportunities for pay raises and promotion.

One job may offer a high-paying salary to begin. However, you may be blocked for promotions by a number of young supervisors. Therefore, a job with room for advancement may be the best choice. 

3. What Are the Job’s Expectations?

Expectations go a long way in determining whether an employee is satisfied or not. If the expectations are unachievable, the job applicant will quickly become unhappy and look to move on.

The employer’s answer tells the applicant if they can handle the position. If the expectations between both parties are in sync, it is likely to lead to a positive experience for all.

4. Can I Get a Plant Tour?

Each prospective employee should ask to tour the company’s facilities. For starters, this shows an interest in what the business is all about.

It also helps set expectations for the job. A plant tour may give the employee confidence that they can handle it. 

5. What Are the Next Steps in the Process?

Now that you know what the job is all about, ask what comes next. The employer should tell you how long it will take to fill the position.

They will also inform you whether there are any follow-on application requirements. There could be a second interview or a skills test. Lastly, the employer should notify you who will be reaching out about their decision.

Top 5 Questions for a First Interview – A Recap

Your potential new employer is not the only one who gets to ask questions. Instead, come prepared with a list of questions covering a wide range of topics.

If you are interested in getting prepared for a first interview, contact us today for assistance.