Why Is the Job Market So Hot Right Now?

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Why Is the Job Market So Hot Right Now?

‘Now hiring’ signs seem to be in every storefront window these days. But why? This is why the job market is booming right now.

Companies of all types are struggling to find employees to work and it starting to have a major effect on the economy. Could this be the start of more robots doing human jobs?

Are you an employer who has had an ad in the classified for quite some time and can’t seem to get any responses? Let’s take an honest look at why the job market is booming right now.

Free Money

It is no secret that for a while employees were making more money collecting unemployment than they were when they were working 40 hours a week. Many people were perfectly happy to sit home and collect what was essentially free money instead of working for it. With unemployment running out and no more stimulus checks in sight hopefully some of these people will start job hunting, soon.

Scared Jobless

The entire world was shocked and scared to even leave their houses, many of them still are. When we are being told to stand at least six feet away from other human beings and wash our hands frequently or we could contract a potentially deadly virus that was morphing faster than we could create a vaccine for, it is scary.

Workers were so scared that they didn’t want to go to for fear that they would get sick and bring the virus home to their families in addition to a paycheck. The thought of getting sick just was no longer worth minimum wage to them. 

In The Meantime

While the world shut down, people had to find ways to make money to survive. So, most of them got creative or had to find a job that they could work from home. Remote job positions were filled, but those in-person job positions sat unfilled.

Businesses Were Closed

Depending on which state the business was in, and what the local restrictions were, some businesses shut down for months at a time. In that time their employees either went on unemployment or found new jobs. Now that mandates are being lifted many businesses have started to reopen and need a whole new staff. 

New Jobs

A ton of new jobs have been created due to the pandemic. Even facilities that had a full staff before have had to hire people to perform special cleaning procedures and address employee health concerns such as taking temperatures and enforcing mask mandates. These new job positions cost companies extra money often putting them into deeper debt. 

Pitching Jobs to a New Audience

The current job market has something for everyone. Perhaps the demographic to pitch job opportunities are those that are just coming into the job market? These people are young, ambitious, and trainable. 

Back to Work

We are finally getting back to normal, now if we could only have full staff so that we could function properly as a business instead of running a skeleton crew. Don’t waste your time placing ads in areas of the job market that are producing no responses. Get in touch with JSK Recruiting to put your ad in front of the right eyes.

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