Top Hiring Industry Trends in Manufacturing You Need to Know for 2020

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Staffing Industry Trends in Manufacturing You Should Know for 2020

Is talent shortage still affecting the manufacturing industry? Know more about this as we discuss the top staffing industry trends you should know for 2020.

Manufacturing employs almost 13 million people across the United States. As the industry has grown over the last decade, so have the demands for talented workers to fill all kinds of roles.

Whether you’re hiring or looking for a new job, you need to know these staffing industry trends.

Recruiting Industry Trends Emphasize Soft Skills

Another change in the manufacturing recruitment industry has been focus on soft skills.

Hard skills like knowing how to operate a machine are still important. More employers see the benefits of employees with good soft skills. As realization has grown about how much soft skills help, employers have been emphasizing them in job postings and candidate selection.

Soft skills include communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. It’s easy to see why they’re in such high demand. Good problem-solving skills can help manufacturing employees discover more efficient ways to work.

Talent Shortages Still at Large

Manufacturing’s growth over the last few years has been marked by a lack of skilled workers. There just aren’t enough people with the right skills and experience to fill all of the growing industry’s new roles.

It’s likely that manufacturers will still be dealing with the ongoing talent shortage over the next few years. In fact, the talent crunch may get worse.

One reason will be the number of current workers reaching retirement age. More people are set to retire in the next few years, which will leave more open roles.

This could be good news for anyone looking for a job in manufacturing. Employers may be willing to pay more or invest in training programs to help them fill open roles.

A Candidate-Driven Process

Employers need to get creative with their recruitment process to fill empty roles. It’s a good idea to look at creating a better candidate experience during the hiring process.

This is in line with more general talent acquisition trends. As unemployment has fallen, employers have had to compete harder. It takes more to win over talented candidates today.

The result has been a focus on employer brands and candidate experiences. Employers in manufacturing should adopt some of the tactics to hire the right people.

Developing and refining a company culture can help employers find better candidates.

Technology Powers Smarter Hiring

Finally, one of the ongoing trends in recruitment is the adoption of technology. Talent acquisition software has helped improve screening and sorting of candidates.

AI and data analysis may also be incorporated into hiring processes. Data analysis lets employers look at their current workforce. They can then compare top performers.

In this way, they can identify the shared traits of those top performers. It’s easier to spot top candidates when you can compare profiles.

Trends such as virtual reality continue strong. Some employers may adopt VR in training and onboarding.

Connecting Employers and Job Seekers

A quick look at these staffing industry trends can help you prepare for 2020. Whether you’re looking for a job or hoping to hire, get in touch with the experts. Making better hiring decisions is easier with the right team behind you.

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