The Tech Talent Shortage: Why Are There Too Few Tech Workers in Today’s WorkForce?

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The Tech Talent Shortage: Why Are There Too Few Tech Workers?

The US economy is experiencing a tech talent shortage. We explain why there are too few tech workers along with how to start closing the gap.

Are you looking to hire top technical talent? 

If so, it might take you more time to find the right hire than you’re anticipating. The U.S. is currently experiencing a skills gap, and many high-paying trade jobs are empty and hard to fill. These roles include jobs like PLC programmers, maintenance mechanics, electricians, mechanical engineers, and more. 

What is behind this shortage of these tech workers, and how can companies still get the talent they need to fill crucial roles? Keep reading to learn more. 

Why Is There a Shortage of Tech Workers? 

There are more technical job openings than there are qualified workers to fill them. This shortage is mainly due to a push for high school graduates to go to college, rather than attending trade or technical schools or earning an associate’s degree. 

Many parents and high school guidance counselors encourage high school students around the country to apply to four-year colleges, thinking that it holds a path to more success.

But college isn’t right for every student, and as a four-year college degree becomes more and more expensive and student loan debt soars, many students are turning back to trade school. Enrollment in trade school is up and still increasing, which is hopeful news for companies that need qualified technical workers.  

Tips to Find the Best Tech Talent Quickly 

There’s a shortage of tech workers, but that doesn’t mean your company won’t be able to find the talent you need. Here are a few tips that will help you recruit the best and brightest tech talent.

1. Start Early 

Recruiting the best tech talent may take longer than you expect, and it will likely take longer than other positions you’re recruiting for. Be prepared to interview many candidates and understand that it could take months, not days or weeks, before you find the right person and they accept a job offer. 

2. Set Realistic Expectations 

Because of the worker shortage, your company should set realistic expectations for the candidate you want to find. You may not find a candidate that has every single skill you’re looking for. Consider hiring someone younger with fewer qualifications who is willing to learn and grow over time, and provide them with on-the-job training. 

3. Offer Competitive Salary and Benefits 

There is tough competition out there for tech workers, so your job offer needs to be just as competitive. Make sure you research what a good salary is for the role you’re hiring, and be prepared to go above that to secure the talent you need. 

4. Work With Local Trade Schools 

If you have trade schools or community colleges in your area that offer degree programs in industries you need, consider working with them to recruit their students. Many of them will offer career fairs or job boards that you can attend or post jobs on and reach qualified talent. 

Turn to Recruiting Experts for Help 

Finding the best tech workers isn’t always easy, which is why you should turn to a professional recruiting agency for help. Whether you’re a company looking to hire qualified tech talent or are looking for a job in the industry, our experts are here to help you find success. 

Give us a call or contact us online today to get started, and don’t wait any longer to fill your open tech jobs. 

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