The Manufacturing Process of Plastic Packaging and Containers

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The Manufacturing Process of Plastic Packaging and Containers

What’s the manufacturing process for plastic packaging, bags, and food containers? Read this article to learn about how this material is produced.

The global market for plastic is estimated to reach over 750 billion dollars by 2025. 

Without plastic packaging and containers, we would not have many of the conveniences that we enjoy today. From storing food to drinking from a water bottle, plastic is essential to our daily lives.

To create these different plastic containers, it is necessary to use a variety of methods. Keep reading to learn about the main plastic packaging technologies available.

How Are Plastic Packaging Containers Manufactured?

Plastic products are typically manufactured through the use of molds, and this holds true for plastic packaging as well.

Plastic packaging requires a molding technique that can make the product hollow. Blow molding and rotational molding are the main methods that can accomplish this feat.

Blow Molding

Blow molding is a popular way to manufacture hollow plastic products because it is adaptable and offers the widest range of variations. It is often used to make containers like water and soda bottles.

When blow molding, heated raw plastic forms a hollow length of thermoplastic called a parison.

The parison is then placed into the mold and blasted with hot air. The heat and pressure of the air will cause the plastic of the parison to stretch over the mold’s inside walls and take its shape.

Rotational Molding

Rotational molding makes hollow plastic products through the use of plastic powder.

This powder is enclosed in a shaped mold and put into a furnace. It is then rotated as it heats to coat the mold’s inside walls to create a seamless product.

Rotational molding is useful for manufacturing single-layer plastic products, including bulk containers. It is also a good option for those who prefer plastic powder over thermoplastics.

How Is Plastic Food Packaging Manufactured?

Plastic packaging is essential to the food manufacturing industry.

Many types of plastic food packaging, like plastic wrap packaging and plastic bags, are typically made out of high-density polyethylene pellets.

High heat and pressure liquify these pellets, so they can be blown into a long tube shape. As the tube-shaped plastic starts to cool, giant rollers flatten it into a thin sheet.

To make plastic bags and similar items, the plastic is then cut and put onto a giant roll of plastic, where it will be printed with alcohol-based ink. It is then formed into its desired shape and heat-sealed.

Plastic Packaging in Everyday Life

Plastic packaging is essential in a variety of industries to make a wide range of products.

Without these different plastic packaging technologies, we would live in a much different world. We would not be able to enjoy these products or the convenience they bring us.

Because of how useful plastic packaging is, the job market for plastic manufacturing is always growing. If you’re looking for a job in manufacturing or are an employer searching for job candidates in this field, contact us today to see how we can help.

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