The Job Outlook for Manufacturing: What Is It?

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The Job Outlook for Manufacturing: What Is It?

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You might think manufacturing is dead or at least becoming non-existent in today’s world. However, that’s not the case. Experts say the manufacturing job outlook is promising for 2020.

Even though last year’s reports showed a decline in hiring from 2018, manufacturing companies say they are having trouble filling critical spots on their roster. 

How Technology Affects the Job Market in Manufacturing

Most people assume automation is killing labor. But, workers in the manufacturing industry are working with automation. They’re complementing what’s already in place. If you’re a machinist or maintenance tech there are still jobs for you. 

What Are the Unemployment and Job Rates?

As of January of 2020, the unemployment rate in the US was at about 3.5 million people. However, since the Covid-19 outbreak, those numbers have skyrocketed.

The manufacturing industry was showing signs of an increase in hiring at the start of the year. They are still trying to fill holes in their workforce.

2nd Quarter Hiring Needs

The employment outlook for manufacturing in the first quarter was good. However, that was before COVID-19. Now the whole economy is in a downturn as unemployment rates are the highest in this country’s history. 

It’s not certain exactly how we’ll recover but we will. 

A survey was concluded on January 28 that stated of 11,200 employers surveyed 23% were planning on hiring and 73% were planning to keep their staff levels the same. COVID-19 changed that. 

Employment is down 18% throughout March in the manufacturing sector. It appears the 2nd quarter will follow that trend as well. At the very least it will probably stay at around minus 20%. But, this should increase by the 3rd quarter.

Tips to Interview Like a Pro

Interviewing for any job can be tough no matter what the job outlooks are. It’s no different in the manufacturing industry. Nailing the interview process is essential for landing the job.

Competition is fierce these days and you need to put both of your best feet forward if you want success. Some quick tips to interview like a pro are:

  • Show up Early
  • Look the Part
  • Have a Tight Resume
  • Have Great References
  • Connect With the Interviewee
  • Don’t Linger

If you follow the simple steps above you’ll be ahead of the game and stand out above the competition.

Do Remote Jobs Exist in Manufacturing?

Yes, they do. There are several remote jobs you can do in the manufacturing industry. Jobs like HR Specialist, Field Service Engineer, Purchasing Specialist, and Supply Chain professionals.  

Is a Work/Life Balance Possible in Manufacturing? 

Yes, as with most industries having a work/life balance is possible. Every industry and job field has its challenges when it comes to balancing professional and personal time. But, there are some things you can do to create the right balance. 

You should know your limits. Don’t overextend yourself by working too many hours in a week. Make sure to set aside time and space at home for yourself. Meet with friends outside of work who have jobs in other industries. 

So, What is the Job Outlook?

All things considered, the manufacturing industry isn’t so bad. It may seem the job outlook right now isn’t good.

But, if you take a deeper dive into things as we did here you’ll find there is hope and even some promise for those looking into a manufacturing career.

If you’re interested in joining this community and finding the right manufacturing job to suit your needs, click here and get started today.

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