Manufacturing Recruiting Strategies for Identifying 5-Star Employees

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Manufacturing Recruiting Strategies for Identifying 5-Star Employees

An excellent manufacturing staff starts with identifying top talent. Remember these manufacturing recruiting strategies as you scale your business.

There are currently around 12.7 million jobs in the manufacturing industry in the United States.

Within this number, there are many good manufacturing employees and many substandard ones. Telling one from the other before committing to a new hire is one of the biggest challenges in manufacturing recruiting.

There are certain things you should always keep in mind when recruiting new talent. To find out what they are, keep reading.

Manufacturing Recruiting: What to Look out for

There are certain qualities that all good manufacturing employees share. The following are some of the most important.


The best predictor of future success is past success. If someone comes to you with a lot of experience on their resume, and positive references to back it up, you can be confident that they know what they’re doing.


Not every manufacturing job is the same. If your area is niche or requires specialist knowledge of some kind, you should prioritize applicants that have exposure to this type of work.


Assessing a candidate’s qualities on paper will only get you so far. To truly tell whether someone is the right fit for your operation, bring them in for an interview and see if they have what you’re looking for.

The current situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic has made physical interviewing much more difficult. However, technology has provided us with many viable alternatives.

Different Strategies You Can Use to Find Talent

Today’s professional world is an increasingly dynamic one. To get the best talent, you need to have an innovative approach to hiring.

Offer Apprenticeships

While screening techniques can and do work, there is no substitute for seeing someone in action when it comes to hiring good personnel.

With this in mind, consider offering apprenticeships to prospective employees. This way, you can put someone to work for a number of weeks or months before deciding whether to offer them a permanent position.

While some companies offer unpaid internships, this is not an approach we would recommend. It may cause people to view your organization as unethical. As well as this, high-quality candidates are far less likely to accept unpaid work than mediocre ones.

Online Hiring

Online hiring has increasingly become the norm for every industry. Online job boards become busier and busier every day.

However, it is not only these formal jobseeking forums that can be of use for this task. Many employers now use various social media sites for hiring. This approach allows you to get an impression of someone’s personality, as well as their professional background, before you bring them in for an interview.

Getting the Right Employees to Take Your Manufacturing Business to the Next Level

Manufacturing recruiting is difficult at times, and the costs of doing a bad job on it are considerable. An incompetent employee will hinder productivity, and may even cause costly damage if they make a mistake.

However, if you know what to look for when hiring, you should keep this kind of liability at a minimum.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help with your recruiting process, contact us today.

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