Job-Related Certifications – Which Are Good and Useful

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Job Related Certifications – Which Are Good and Useful

Are you wondering which job related certifications in the manufacturing industry might be good for you? Read on and learn more.

High college costs and high student debt are turning people away from the degree path. Certifications take less time, cost less money, and train one for their jobs. That is if you’re in the right industry.

The manufacturing industry is one of those industries. Several job-related certifications prepare you to perform the job well. Moreover, they help job-seekers stand out from the competition.

Do you want to save money while being trained for your work? Here are some job-related certifications that will prove excellent and valuable to you.

Six Sigma for Manufacturing Jobs

The Six Sigma certification program is a widely-praised certification. It improves an individual’s command of a respected method of professional skills development. Six Sigma develops management processes that lead to defect-free results in manufacturing.

Six Sigma exists to make operations more efficient. This includes lowering machines, automating operations whenever possible, and identifying and repairing mistakes.

Six Sigma increases process outputs and improves consumer product delivery timelines. In doing so, it helps improve on every aspect of the very manufacturing definition.

Certifications for Six Sigma come in a belt system derived from the karate belt system to help you become a supply chain manager. The belt color depends on position, experience, and training.

CPIM Certification

Another certification option is the Certified in Production and Inventory Management program. This one is becoming a must for supply chain managers. In fact, some companies prefer this certification over an MBA.

The goal of this program is to improve production and inventory management. You’ll learn about everything from supply chain basics to resource planning. You will also be much more effective at ordering and distributing consumer products.

Inventory management is crucial to supply chain success. The CPIM certificate will be a great help to supply chain managers.

CSCP Certification

Another option is the Certified Supply Chain Professional certification program offered by APICS. This program helps individuals develop knowledge of essential technology, concepts, and strategies. The program emphasizes demand management, supply chain risk, and modern supply chain technology.

The COVID-19 pandemic has opened many doors for careers in the supply chain. These certifications show that you can take on great responsibility. You’ll prove yourself a worthy asset and you’ll stand out from the competition.

And you’ll pull that off without having to spend several years and several dollars in college.

More Manufacturing Job-Related Information

The manufacturing industry will always have a need for workers. Hiring managers are looking for the very best they can get. Having these job-related certifications is a great way to open doors for a bright future in manufacturing.

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