How to Navigate a Career Change in Your 30s

career change in thirties

How to Navigate a Career Change in Your 30s

Feeling the need for a career change can be scary, exciting, and very daunting. Here are a few tips to help you navigate a career change in your prime.

According to Forbes, 53% of Americans feel unhappy at work. Do you fit into this statistic?

If so, you might want to consider a career change. The solution seems so simple, yet over half of the working population chooses to stay stuck.


Change is frightening! So frightening, that people tend to forget the exhilaration that comes with change and the rewards that follow.

If you find yourself facing a career change at 30, don’t let it overwhelm you. Prepare yourself for a new opportunity.

How to Navigate a Career Change in Your 30s

If you look in the mirror to see a different person than the one who started your career years ago, that’s fantastic! Welcome to your new stage of growth. Keep reading to learn how to navigate a career change to fit your evolution.

Ask Yourself ‘Why?’

Before you make any decisions, ask yourself important questions about why you want to change your career. Why are you unhappy at your current job?

Knowing what makes you unhappy will help you pinpoint exactly what you hope to achieve. This will assist you in making a sound decision while looking for career change ideas.

Assess Your Skillset

To help narrow your new career search once you know what you want, figure out which opportunities you qualify for. Some jobs may sound interesting, but if you do not possess the required skills, you will not get very far with it.

This leaves you to decide whether or not you want to take the time and effort to build the skills you lack. If not, move forward to a career you can start with what you offer.

Write a Career Change Resume

Once you know exactly which skills you possess, you should put them on paper. Create a solid resume that your job recruiter can work with to find you the perfect fit. You probably do not want to use your old one for a couple of reasons.

First, it targets a completely different occupation. A great resume focusses on your skills and experience to match the career you’re trying to land.

Second, your old resume does not incorporate the new abilities and experiences you gained while working in your current occupation. You want up to date work and volunteer experience along with skills that reflect your current level of growth.

Build a Network

Networking builds character, reputation, and strength for moving forward into a new career. Use professional social media sites like Linkedin to increase your network. Also, attend networking events locally, and even nationally.

On Instagram, follow leaders in the field you wish to pursue. Use their characteristics to build expectations for a mentor, and then find one of your own to help you succeed.

Choose Happiness

Never apologize for growing out of the things that used to suit you. Navigating your career change properly will put you on the path to finding a happier and more productive version of you.

Let us help you choose happiness. Search for your perfect job today!

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