How to Find Jobs as a Veteran

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How to Find Jobs as a Veteran

Finding a job as a veteran can be overwhelming at times, so we’re here to help. Keep reading for advice on how to find jobs as a veteran in 2022.

In any given year, around 200,000 people leave the U.S. military. For the duration of your military career, you followed a fairly clear path forward in terms of advancement. A civilian career doesn’t work that way.

Even worse, you’re not a searching for jobs veteran like so many civilians. That can make finding a job post-separation an overwhelming experience, even if you do take advantage of military transition resources.

Are you about to separate from the military or recently have and find yourself struggling with the job search process? Keep reading for our advice on finding jobs for veterans.

Do Your Research

Even in a good job market, companies still look for “good fit” candidates. A good fit candidate is someone with the right skills or at least most of the right skills. It’s also someone who can fit into the culture of the company.

You must consider your skill set, then research for companies that might need those skills. Once you narrow down companies that need your skills, you must look into their company culture.

Some companies favor a more aggressive attitude while others aim for a more relaxed approach. Ask yourself what kind of culture fits you best. Then, move companies with that kind of culture to the top of your list.

Skill Up

What if you have some of the required soft skills, such as leadership or communication experience, but lack some of the hard skills? This is the time to skill up. If you have the G.I. Bill available, you can head to college.

Many two-year programs can help you acquire the hard skills you need to get started in a range of fields. Some of the options include:

  • Nursing
  • Information technology
  • Lab tech
  • Web development

If you enjoy programming and have some spare cash floating around, you can do a coding boot camp. The G.I. Bill will pay even cover approved coding boot camps.

Resume Time

Some people take it for granted, but writing a good resume is a bit of an art form. One of the keys to writing a resume that secures you a veteran job is forgetting the acronyms and military codes.

Civilian HR departments won’t understand them. Translate all of that into civilian-friendly terms like leadership, communication, and teamwork.

Recruiting Services

While you’ll still need a resume, recruiting services are another option you can explore. Some of them specialize in placing military vets with jobs. This is particularly true if you’re hands-on and would prefer to work in areas like manufacturing or logistics.

Becoming a Searching for Jobs Veteran

Becoming a searching for jobs veteran in the civilian world can seem daunting. The pathways are often obscure. Job descriptions can prove maddeningly vague.

Put in the time to research companies for which you might want to work. Skill up if you aren’t qualified for the job you want. Hone your resume writing skills.

You can also use recruiting services to help you locate good job options.

JSK Recruiting specializes in helping veterans find jobs. For more information or to get started, contact JSK Recruiting today.