How To Fill Jobs in the Food Manufacturing Industry

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How To Fill Jobs in the Food Manufacturing Industry

Are you wondering how the food manufacturing industry is going to go about filling job positions? Click here and learn more.

Did you know that the current labor market is one of the most challenging markets in history? There are currently 1.7 million job openings and companies simply cannot find the workers they need to fill these open positions. 

The food manufacturing industry is no different. These jobs have become difficult to fill, especially since COVID. These jobs are not able to be completed remotely, which is a priority for many looking for jobs. 

If you are a recruiter for this industry, you must be scratching your head (or pulling out your hair) looking for ways to fill job openings fast in order to deliver consumer products on time. 

Have no fear. 

Here is a quick guide for everything you need to know about filling jobs in the food manufacturing industry fast. 

1. Highlight the Salary

When most people think about the food industry, they think that the pay is minimum wage, or even $15 an hour. For many looking for work, especially those with food manufacturing skill sets, that is below the range they are looking for. 

If you are offering your workers over $20, be sure to include that in your job listings. People want transparency about the job they are interviewing for. Job seekers will appreciate it. 

Speaking of transparency, be sure to showcase any other benefits your organization offers. If you provide healthcare, 401K matching, paid time off, be sure to let potential job seekers know that. This type of security in benefits is what many people want in a job. 

2. Clearly Outline Path to Promotion

Another way to quickly get qualified workers? Clearly outline the potential path to promotion. Give the manufacturing definition so they know what to expect. Studies have shown that employees are more loyal when they feel as if their company is loyal back. Employees want to be rewarded for their hard work through promotions and compensation raises. 

If you are hiring an assembly line worker, be sure to communicate how they can be promoted to the next higher role. When employees know they are working toward a career progression, they are more likely to do good work. 

3. Use a Recruiting System 

If you are in need of workers fast, consider using a recruiting service. Recruiters do the heavy lifting of searching for, vetting through, and placing qualified candidates at your company. 

That way, you can focus on meeting business goals and customer demand while someone else focuses on getting employees signed onto your company. 

Want More Help Filling Jobs in the Food Manufacturing Industry?

This is a historically tough labor shortage that organizations must overcome in order to meet the demand from consumers. However, by following some of the tips mentioned above, you can be sure to fill your job openings in the food manufacturing industry. 

For additional assistance in securing the best candidates for your business, reach out to us here at JSK Recruiting. We help your fill positions fast so you can help meet your customers’ needs. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help your business grow. 

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