Hiring Process in Q1 and How It’s Changed Since

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Hiring Process in Q1 and How It’s Changed Since

The hiring process has changed a lot in the last year. Read about some of the differences in this short breakdown on the subject.

October 2021 had more than 6.5 million newly hired employees. With numbers this high for one single month, it’s vital that companies have a strong hiring process in place. 

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the workforce and hiring world has changed drastically. And those changes rolled over into 2021. It’s important you keep up with the shifts in hiring practices so your company keeps up with the market. 

Keep reading to understand the changes to the hiring process. 

Faster and More Flexibility 

The pandemic proved that having a flexible work situation and hiring process is a must for employers. And employees like the ease of applying and interviewing remotely so they don’t have to take days off work. 

With more and more companies offering remote options, the hiring pool has extended significantly. This puts a lot of pressure on companies and the need to be quick about hiring so they don’t miss out on qualified talent. 

There is a need for companies to offer more flexible working conditions. Remote work can lead to more work-life balance, enhanced productivity, cost savings, and more freedom. 

More Focus on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity

DE&I has been a major focus for many years now, but in recent years, it has exploded. With current discussions in media and news outlets, DE&I is a big topic on everyone’s minds. 

And candidates are researching the companies they apply for. They want to know if there is a focus on DE&I. They want to know the company takes it seriously and actively recruits accordingly. 

Virtual Everything

Many companies realized just how much time and costs could be saved with more virtual operations. By having hiring processes that are a hybrid of virtual and in-person, recruiters are finding they have more time to focus on other efforts. 

By having virtual and automated hiring processes, you can streamline the time it takes from the interview to placement. This is a huge win for companies! 

Internal Hiring 

Following the changes during the pandemic, internal hiring became more important than ever. By focusing on internal hiring, companies can save on costs and time to place candidates while increasing engagement. 

Employees like to know they have a chance at progressing in their careers. By actively promoting from within, you show your entire workforce you are dedicated to helping them advance their career. 

Adaptability for Recruiters and Hiring Managers

The pandemic showed everyone just how important it was to be able to pivot and adapt to new situations. Going into 2022, recruiters can expect to keep strengthening those skills.

Whether it’s new processes or streamlined policies, it’s vital those in charge of the recruiting and hiring process know how to adapt to the changing world. 

New Hiring Process Requirements

2022 will bring many new changes and requirements to the hiring process. It’s important your company stays up to date with industry trends. If you want to hire an external company to manage your recruiting needs, contact us today

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