Getting a Job in Manufacturing: 3 Key Tips to Find Work Today

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Getting a Job in Manufacturing: 3 Key Tips to Find Work Today

Getting a job in manufacturing is an excellent way to make a stable, consistent salary. How to find work? See 3 key tips to find a manufacturing job today.

Getting a job in manufacturing means you’ll be working in a field where you’ll earn a stable income along with having great benefits. In fact, people who work in manufacturing jobs are in high demand!

How to land a job in one of the top five sectors of the economy where employers badly need workers can be easy if you follow a few simple steps.

That’s where JSK Recruiting can help! We can help you prepare you for getting a job in manufacturing, which can lead to an awesome career.

In this article, we’ll help you land a job in manufacturing in three key steps.

1. Building a Resume

Getting a job in manufacturing means building a winning resume that sings your praises of why you are the best person for the job!  

List your employment history in chronological order and list any and all jobs relevant to the experience that’s applicable to the current job application. Make sure all information is current and up-to-date with the correct dates. Format it well so it all looks the same and is pleasing to the eye. 

Be very specific about what kinds of skills you have and where you learned those skills throughout your employment history. If there are gaps in your employment, be sure to be able to explain why they occurred. 

Not sure if you need a cover letter? Call and ask. Use a cover letter for a highly specialized job where you can explain the skills necessary for the position and to display your personality outside of what’s already in your resume. 

Do not use “references available upon request.” Include them or leave them out. If an employer wants references, they’ll likely ask. 

2. Search on and Offline

Use online job boards to search for and land a manufacturing job, but don’t let them be the only source of your search. Job ads are still placed in newspapers, websites, employer windows, and at career placement offices, especially government employment offices. Expand your search and connect with different job sources. 

Make connections with those who already work in the industry and find out if their companies are hiring. Networking in your job search can get you the inside track to discovering the best jobs that sometimes aren’t always advertised.  

3. Nail the Interview

Use the STAR method to answer those behavioral interview questions when the interviewer says “give me an example” or “tell me about.” They can often lead to unfocused, incoherent thoughts and may make you look bad by distracting from your goal of landing a job in manufacturing. 

STAR is an anacronym for:

  • Situation – be a scene setter and give the necessary details of your example 
  • Task – explain what your responsibility was in that example 
  • Action – talk about the action you took to resolve it or remedy the situation
  • Result – discuss the aftermath or consequences

Learn the STAR method and practice your interview skills with someone you trust. Proper preparation for your manufacturing job interview can help ease one of the biggest and most stressful burdens on the process. 

Let Us Help You in Getting a Job

Having a great resume, learning where to search for a job, and nailing the interview process are things we can help you with at JSK Recruiting.  

We only focus on jobs in manufacturing and the supply chain industries, so we know the field intimately. And with a job placement rate of 97%, we can almost guarantee success in getting a job!    

Both employers and job seekers alike should contact us at JSK Recruiting. We find the people with the very best experience and hire the right people for a job in manufacturing. 

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