Feeding Fido: How Dog Food Is Made in the USA

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Feeding Fido: How Dog Food Is Made in the USA

Feeding your dog quality food is essential for keeping them in top health. Keep reading as we explore how dog food is made in the USA.

Did you know that more than 85 million dogs are pets in the United States alone? Countless American families view their dogs as much more than a pet, but akin to a member of the family. 

The key to a dog’s long-term health and wellness is its diet. What your dog eats matters! You may have wondered what is in dog food and how it is made. 

Continue to read to learn more about dog food made in the USA. 

Dog Kibble

There are numerous kinds of food options for dogs, and one of the most popular is dog kibble. You can purchase dog kibble or dry dog food at animal stores, drug stores, and grocery stores. There are multiple kinds of dog kibble, including flavor-specific varieties. 

Dog kibble is a preferred food option for a reason. Not only is it affordable for owners, but can last for significant periods of time. It is often mass-produced and has become a huge seller for pet food manufacturers around the world. 

What is in dog kibble, however? 

Dog kibble is created through a technique called food extrusion. This is when a variety of different ingredients are mixed and heated to create a singular substance. 

Often dog kibble features ingredients such as chicken, additional meats, vegetables such as potatoes, and grain products. Additional nutrients and vitamins are often mixed with these ingredients to create a blended meal. 

After all of these ingredients are mixed, grounded, and heated, the end product is cut into tiny pieces. A machine then eliminates any remaining moisture to increase the product’s life span. Kibble can be good for years and will not get stale! 

Is Dog Kibble Healthy for Your Beloved Doggo? 

One of the drawbacks of dog kibble is that food extrusion can destroy nutrients. The heating process can decrease the overall quality of the proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients in the product. 

Dog kibble may not be the healthiest alternative compared to more organic options, but kibble is an affordable way to provide a solid meal for your pet. Dogs are still nurtured by kibble.   

A Quintessential Benefit of Dog Food Made in the USA 

When you purchase dog food made in the USA, not only are you supporting home businesses but can expect complete transparency regarding ingredients. The FDA has certain regulations in place for pet food, and manufacturers will have to be clear about what is in their products. 

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