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If we can clarify the process, answer your questions, or help you get started on a new placement project, please reach out to us! We look forward to helping you find the right fit every time.

JSK Recruiting
333 Busse Hwy #230
Park Ridge, IL 60068

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Text: (847)696-7377
Fax: (844) 378-5006

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We are on call when you need us, so don’t worry about trying to get a call in during daily office hours. Send an email or call or text us at any time. We believe that integrity is the best approach to recruiting, and we offer complete honesty and transparency about our process up front. You deserve to know exactly what we will do for you, how we will do it, and when you can expect an answer.

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    We use a blend of old-fashioned networking and cutting-edge technology to make matches that serve our candidates and clients well for years after a placement. Our team is proud of maintaining a high acceptance rate across all placements, and we know we can help you with your next hiring or career move.

    If you’re either seeking to hire or looking for a new job in the following areas, reach out to us now!

    • Supply chain
    • Manufacturing
    • Purchasing
    • Operations
    • Logistics
    • Maintenance
    • Distribution

    Our approach to recruiting is casual and approachable, yet professional and industry-specific. Since we specialize in supply chain and manufacturing placements, we know what candidates are looking for in employers and vice versa.

    Some of our placements are still with the same company 11 years later, because we set the bar high for success. We aim to create placement arrangements that work out over the long term and that involve career growth opportunities – not just jobs. Overall, our candidates stay in their placements for five to seven years, more than twice the average tenure for the industry. You won’t find another recruiting company that takes more of an interest in your future success than JSK Recruiting, Inc.

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