A First-Time Manager? 4 Important Tips for Success

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A First-Time Manager? 4 Important Tips for Success

As a first-time manager, it can sometimes be challenging to organize and co-ordinate the sectors you oversee. Learn a few tips for success on this guide.

About 60% of new managers underperform during their first two years on the job. Unfortunately, many managers don’t have training before they take on a leadership role. Instead, they’re expected to learn as they go.

Are you a first-time manager? If so, you might feel a little concerned about the road ahead. It’s okay!

Here are four tips that can help you set yourself (and your team) up for success. With these tips, you can avoid many of the pitfalls that cause so many managers to fail.

Be a leader for your team with these four tips for first-time managers!

1. Give Feedback

The first step to leading your team toward success is to provide your employees with the feedback they need. After all, you can’t make improvements if your team doesn’t understand what’s wrong. 

Learn how to use your observational skills. Pay attention to problem areas throughout your team.

Then, develop your communication skills by learning how to relay those problems.

It’s important not to focus on mistakes. Instead, let your team know what they’re doing right. Then, show them how they can improve.

Set an intention as well. For example, you might want to help your team grow. Maybe you’re protecting them from potentially costly mistakes.

Don’t talk about feelings. When you give feedback, focus on facts instead.

2. Encourage Your Team

According to a poll about why people quit their jobs, 60% of workers leave because they don’t like their direct supervisors. One way to keep morale up is to encourage your team instead of micromanaging them.

As a first-time manager, it’s important for you to establish your expectations. Then, empower your team. Give them an opportunity to fix their mistakes. 

Encouraging your team will help you work together and keep them excited about their work. 

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3. Focus on Results

Try to develop a results-driven mindset for your team. Focusing on results will increase job satisfaction. It can also improve your team’s engagement levels.

When your team feels engaged with their work, they’re more likely to stay, reducing turnover.

Try to set fresh goals for your team on a quarterly basis. You might also want to establish annual goals you want everyone to work toward. Make sure these goals are clearly posted somewhere in your office.

As you achieve new benchmarks, celebrate small victories as a team!

4. Share Information

As you use these tips for first-time managers, make sure to consider your own shortcomings. Where do you struggle? For example, you might have a difficult time communicating with your team. 

In order to become a better communicator, focus on transparency. Share information with your team to help them anticipate major changes. The better you communicate, the better you’ll work as a single unit.

Otherwise, your team might feel confused about their objectives.

Makings of a Manager: Success as a First-Time Manager

Bring your team together as a unit! With these tips, you can become the best first-time manager possible! Then, you can lead your team toward long-term success. 

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