4 Ways Logistics Technologies Are Changing the Shipping Industry

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Logistics technologies are evolving fast. If you don’t want to get left behind, read about the ways these technologies are changing the industry rapidly.

In 2019, the logistics industry will take a great turn when it comes to their technology. What is to come is going to be a game changer for everyone involved?

If you are not ready, you will be missing out and your manufacturing business may lose money. Here are 4 things you’ll want to know about logistics technologies in 2019.

1. Shipment Tracking Systems

When it comes to customers booking shipments, this process will change. They use to receive an estimated delivery date, but that’s it. The customers don’t know what’s going on until they decided they have had enough and make that important phone call.

Well, today, with the advances with software and the internet, this will now allow customers to access the tracking and shipping information whenever they please.

This does not only enhance your customers’ experience, but it will also benefit the company by saving their money and time.

2. Autonomous Trucks and Drones

We live in a world where computers will soon drive us from one destination to the next. This also means our packages will soon be flying in unmanned aerial vehicles as well.

However, autonomous cars are already a thing and trucks are not too far behind them.

Uber and Embark are currently already making long hauls with autonomous trucks, and Telsa will be releasing one later this year.

With this technology, this will highly increase the efficiency when it comes to the delivery process.

3. Enhanced GPS Accuracy

Those days of printing out your directions to your destination is a thing of the past.

Currently, everyone has GPS whether they have it on their smartphones or they have it built into their automobile.

What you may not know is that the accuracy of your GPS has changed drastically from those days when you would have to print out your directions.

You no longer have the frustrations of having your drivers lost because the directions didn’t show canals, the road ends, and such.

Now your GPS can track the trucks’ locations along with how long they the trip will take with the current traffic as well.

4. Payments Will Be Safer

In 2019, you will see new payment technology coming to the logistics technologies industry. This will allow you to have more secured transactions throughout the entire globe.

In the last decade, more and more people stopped using cash and started heavily using debit and credit cards for payments as well as cryptocurrency as well.

In 2019, many companies are expected to pay for their shipments using their major debit or credit cards. While freight companies and the like will be pressured into using these types of service to take payments.

All while this will be much safer for everyone involved.

What’s Next with Logistics Technologies?

When it comes to logistics technologies the sky is the ultimate limit. For right now, payments and shipping methods will be revolving ever so fast.

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